Well, Halloween has now been and gone, and after all that costume palaver what did I finally look like?

Several handfuls of rubber snakes, and an awful lot of make up later. I was Medusa, inspired by Madame Yevondes Goddess portraits, an idea given to me by Ang from Dorotheaโ€™s Closet.

Excuse the bathrobe, but this was hair and make up.

And excuse the bad angle and the fact I seem to have forgotten how to stand up straight. That’s the problem with doing outfit photos in a hurry before you head out, no time to mess about posing! This was the final look.

The outfit doesn’t really need much elaboration. A vintage 70s grecian style dress wrapped with a piece of gold braid, Faith shoes and various pieces of costume jewellery.

The party, at the Fox in Shoreditch, was an excellent evening. Despite being let down by Pernod on the Absinthe fountain a bottle was tracked down and free Absinth cocktails were available on arrival, as well as apologies from Fleur De Guerre for Pernods no show!

Honestly, free absinth was just a side story for me anyway, I was there for the company, the music and the entertainment. The place was beautifully decorated in keeping with the surrealist theme with rose petals, apples, and lit by candles. The band, The Flying Aces were marvellous and it was lovely to finally meet bloggers Lisa from Snoodlebug , Jenny from Yesterday Girl, Ree Ree Rockette from Alternatively Lovely and Katie Chutzpah.

I only have a few photos of other peoples costumes, so here’s a few snaps, there are some more on my Facebook page, but I don’t have a low light lens, so there aren’t a great deal of them!

While you’re on my facebook page, if you have photos of your carved pumpkins from the weekend, do upload them! We still want to see, and you can check out my Pumpkins, and other peoples, on the Facebook wall!

Miss Minna from Red Legs in Soho as a Catrina, a Mexican Day of the Dead Lady.

Fleur De Guerre as Frida Kahlo

How was your Halloween?