Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of the day I finally walked out on my full time job for good.

It was a scary thing to do, but I’ve not regretted it for a second since. I won’t repeat myself as I went a bit soppy last year thanking you for your support, but sometimes it’s nice to stop and reflect on what you’ve achieved.

I celebrated yesterday by drinking cocktails and watching several episodes of Poirot followed by the Antiques Roadshow, a perfect Sunday afternoon, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Being in a celebratory mood I’ve decided to give you all a 20% discount on everything in the Retro Chick shop. You just need to message me after purchase and I’ll invoice you less the 20%!

I’ll leave the offer open for 2 weeks till the 6th December, and don’t forget that until the end of November you can still get 10% off at Aspire Style using the code RETROCHICK and 10% off a snazzy new do at Flint Hair by mentioning you saw them on Retro Chick!

So, if you want a new party frock then you can grab this silk chiffon Mulberry Dress for £74.99 £60 (clickety click the pictures to go straight there..)

Or if you’re chilly this vintage jacket would be £19.99 £16

Lovely 1960s patent leather court shoes will be £19.99 £16

Or treat yourself to some new Christmas decorations for £4.99 £4

Well, you get the idea. 20% off, not hard to work out! I hope you find something to tickle your fancy….