Modern Vintage Girl interviewed me back in June, and now it’s my turn to repay her!

Modern Vintage Girl, otherwise known as Angel, lives in Tel a Viv, though she’s from the UK, and I got to meet her in Reading in October for coffee (and a quick trip to boots for hair grips, witch hazel, and other essential vintage lifestyle purchases!)

Her blog is a great read, full of pictures and fascinating, well written insights into fashion history. Because she’s British living in Tel a Viv she’s easy to relate to, but there’s a bit of vicarious exoticism in seeing the locations in her outfit posts and the sun shining, something I’m sorely in need of as the weather here is freezing!

Reasons you should read her blog:

She has the most amazing wardrobe

Reviews of vintage shops are always handy

She’s really clued up on the history of Fashion

She’s just nice :oD

1. What was the first piece of vintage clothing you remember buying or owning?

I have a lovely early 1960’s dress which has a fuller skirt that has a sailing boat print on the skirt and the top is like a white polo shirt. I love it so so much even though I hardly get any wear out of it, but I’ll never sell it or get rid of it, mostly because when I wear it it makes me smile.

2. What was the last item of clothing you bought?

I got two work dresses from Mango outlet, one is a very Joan Holloway red dress and the other is a black and navy blue dog tooth wiggle dress. Mostly because I needed some work appropriate dresses.

But while I was in England I got the cutest pair of pink shoes with black polka dots and a black bow from Office that I would sit and look at all day!!!

3. What is the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

I have a dress that cost 700NIS (about £120) that was a 1950’s inspired evening wiggle dress made out of lovely stretch wool herringbone but it was too much for work but not enough for nights out so I made some alterations and now it’s a work dress. At least I’m getting the wear out of it.

4. What’s your current favourite item of clothing?

I’m wearing my Irregular Choice Scottie Dog heels to death, and I only got them two months ago. I’m considering getting a back up pair just in case because they are so so comfy.

5. Do you prefer heels or flats?

If you would have asked 3 years ago I would have said flats, but now it’s definitely heels. I live in 2 inch heels.

6. Describe your style in 3 words.

Preppy, Sexy, 1950s

7. Skirts or trousers?

Skirts – definitely!!!!!

8. How much do you spend on clothes in an average month?

I’ve been giving myself a clothes allowance for a year now, but I never stick to it. It’s about 400-600NIS which is about £80-£120, but soon I’m going to give myself a huge budget to get lots of shoes and just to update my wardrobe.

9.How is your wardrobe organised?

I arrange according to type, all of my dresses hang together, then my skirts, then my blouses. The folded stuff is also by type with my trousers as one pile, then t-shirts, cardigans and the last pile is knits with the short sleeves at the top.

10. Are you sentimental about your clothes?

I’m sentimental about some of my clothes, especially the vintage but I do sell on things that don’t quite fit in with my lifestyle (there are some gorgeous 1950’s evening dresses that I need to list on etsy soon) or with the way I want to look. I find my style is constantly evolving and while that 1950’s lace overlay dress is gorgeous I can’t really wear it.

I also get sentimental about shoes – it’s hard for me to let go of worn out pairs, which is why when I get a pair I love, I get a back-up pair just in case – there is a spare pair of Miss L Fire wedges in my wardrobe for the summer, and there will hopefully be some spare Irregular Choice heels soon.

Check out her blog at Modern Vintage Girl