Today I’m right back down at the bargain end of the scale.

On my last review it was suggested that I should start a chart with details of the lipsticks and update it as I go. I was intending to do this once I’ve reviewed all the lipsticks I have, but I shall start working on it now and get it up in my next review next week!

Today’s lipstick is Stargazer lipstick in shade 135 at just £3 a tube.

The Blurb

Stargazer told me that their lipsticks could be applied sheer and built up to achieve the desired look.

On the website it says:

“The updated range of lipsticks comprimising of exotic, bright and natural colours, which should allow you to taylor your lips for every occasion.

The lipsticks are available in a variety of colours and finishes (matt, gloss and pearl) and have a long lasting colour on the lips”

I’m pretending to ignore the fact that you tailor your lips (if you were to do such a thing at all) not taylor them as that will naturally only lay me open for someone to find some absurd spelling and grammar mistakes (of which there are many, I despise apostrophes) on my site and spit them back at me. I would just add that I’m my own editor, where as I would hope Stargazer have someone responsible for these things, or at least a spell check button. (and they can’t spell compromising either, spell check people, spell check, and anyway it should be comprises.)

Anyway, moving on.

The Pros

It’s cheap. Like really cheap. There HAVE been times in my life where I haven’t been able to afford £3, but at those times I’ve also been trying to do a weeks shopping on £3.50 worth of Tesco vouchers and emptying the copper jar to buy milk.

They’ve also had the common sense to keep the packaging very simple and dark, just plain black with a gilt inner tube which means it’s not an embarrassment to apply in public. If you care about things like that, which I do as I am shallow.

It’s also fairly sturdy packaging, lipstick lids splitting in my bag is the bane of my life, but this doesn’t feel brittle.

As promised it goes on fairly sheer, though not as sheer as I expected, and it has a slightly glossy texture which looks quite nice initially.

I was sent this along with one of the “permanent” lip liners. When used with the liner the lasting power was pretty good, it leaves a good stain and wears off fairly smoothly not leaving big clumps on your lips. The liner particularly leaves such a stain that my lips were still tinged pink after removing it with cold cream.

The shade was also quite nice and probably suitable for most skin tones, maybe with a slight tip towards the orange red.

The Cons

This lipstick is on the super budget end of the scale and it really shows with the texture, taste and smell.

It feels like it “sits” on the lips and tastes and smells very synthetic, its quite nostalgic actually as it’s how I remember my Nans lipstick smelling in the 80s! Although it looks sheer, it feels very heavy on the lips with that slightly grainy texture when you rub them together. I also found the texture a little drying and it was starting to wear off after only an hour. It made my lips feel, well, a bit odd! Almost tingly I suppose and it left a nasty taste in my mouth.

The lip liner that came with it makes it much more long lasting, but I found it almost impossible to get a good defined lip line using the felt tip pen style. What’sa wrong with a good old fashioned pencil I say! The shade of the liner was also deeper than the lipstick. The 2 pictures below are with liner on the left and without on the right. I actually think I got a smoother lip line without the liner.

The Verdict

Would I buy it again? Well, I hesitate to say no! Despite the fact that I don’t like it much the fact remains that it only costs £3. If you’re desperate for a red lipstick and have no money then this one will at least turn your lips red for a bit!

Currently I have many red lipsticks on the go. As long as I have them this one will remain in my “emergency make up bag” alongside the £1.50 foundation and mascara I had to buy last week after I left my proper bag at home. If I run out of lipstick then I’ll probably use it, but if it runs out I won’t replace it unless I really can’t afford anything else. Does that make sense?

In short, it’s cheap and you get what you pay for. For pocket money prices it’s great.

And what does it look like on my face? Well, when you join the French resistance you have to save money on things like lipstick. I think my lip line looks really wonky in this picture, and I can’t help but think that’s down to my struggles with the liner.