Blimey. It’s April already….

We’re already a quarter of the way through the year. Can you believe it?

Back at the beginning of January I made 8 New Years resolutions and I thought maybe it was time to have a look and see how I’m getting on so far!

  • Spend More Money

In theory the easiest resolution to keep. But this one wasn’t about bankrupting myself, it was about spending what little money I do have on actual things, rather than bottles of wine and takeaways.

I haven’t done too badly. I’ve given my lingerie drawer a bit of a spruce up (I can highly recommend the Triumph Doreen if you’re looking for a comfortable vintage style bra that’s not *too* pointy) and I’ve invested in some things like replacing  my 8 year old TV with a loose scart socket with something that can be lifted without hiring equipment. I probably could still do better though.

  • Learn to Knit

*cough* er, well. I have a learn to knit DVD, and some needles. I even have some wool.

I put them in my suitcase and take them away with me in case I have chance to get started. Does that count?

  • Buy a Video Camera


My new DSLR has HD video capability and hopefully my first video tutorial using it will be up soon. If I get time to edit it!

  • Rediscover my Inner Princess

Hmm, can’t say I have. It started well in January, but I’ve been even busier than normal so far this year and haven’t had time to sit and have a cup of tea in fancy cups.

The busier you are, the more important I think this is.

Must try harder.

  • Cook More

I did one food post, at the end of January. See aforementioned Busyness.

Must try harder.

  • Organise Events

Yes! Yes! I’m doing this one!

My first event, A Marvellous Cocktail Party, will be in May. (Get your tickets now!). I’m also in discussions with a few people to maybe organise something else later in the year.


  • Set Proper Goals

I’ve been doing this one too. After a fashion.

I’ve launched a new website Vintage Norwich this year, and I set myself very definite goals for it’s first month, which I have hit. I think I have a way to go to be as organised as I’d like, but I’m getting there!

  • Lose Weight

*sobs uncontrollably*

No. No. No. I lost a few pounds, and knocked off a few inches by actually doing some exercise. Then my Grampy died, my Nana went into hospital and my urge to comfort eat kicked in and it all went back on in a disturbingly short space of time.

I’ve finally admitted I’m going to need a bit more help with this again and have signed up for Weight Watchers Online. The points have changed since I last did Weight Watchers back in 2007 and I’m actually finding them really easy to manage. You get a chunk of points as a weekly extra that you can spread through the week, or blow at the weekend. This made managing things like the wedding I went to this weekend far easier. They also have an excellent iPhone app.

I’m a week in and I’ve lost 5lb so far. Hopefully it shouldn’t take me long to lose the rest! I’d like to lose another stone and I’ll be happy!

How did you get on with your resolutions?