When the sun comes out straw suddenly feels like an appropriate material for all kinds of things.

Straw hats, shoes and bags are only appropriate for the few hours of the year when the sun is shining, so you better make the most of it.

Whilst I like those big buckety straw bags they only really feel appropriate for the beach. If you take them into work and put them under your desk you will very likely end up with the contents of your bag strewn across the floor. They’re also not really very secure for carrying purses, phones and other expensive and valuable things in crowded places like trains, shopping centres or pubs.

So, ever helpful, I’ve been on the hunt for some nice straw bags that will give you that summer feeling while being a bit more structured.

Wicker Bag £17.99 eBay

A bargain bag from eBay. There are a few sellers with these in various colours. They’re a clam shell design and surprisingly roomy!

Straw Fold Top Bag £25 Next

I don’t know if this is as structured in real life as it looks in the picture, but it at least has the advantage of a top fastening to keep your belongings where they, er, belong.

Fiorelli Taylour Natural Straw Bag £69 Debenhams

This looks like a proper grown up bag to me. All sensible leather trims and practical roominess. A classic bag for spring and summer, and at that price hopefully it’ll last you years.