End of November is fast approaching.

That must mean it’s time for me to start looking at all the exciting advent calendars I’d like someone to buy for me. Like every year I imagine I’ll end up getting none of them, and then buy myself one from the pound shop containing deformed looking cheap chocolate that tastes like cardboard on the 2nd December.

Ho hum.

The Grown Up One….

Advent Selection Box – £25.95

Too grown up for openable doors and cartoon reindeer? This box of chocolates from Chococo contains 25 chocolates, numbered from 1-25 and special festive flavours like mulled wine and Christmas pudding.

Advent Chocolate Box

The Traditional One…

Traditional Christmas Advent Calendar – £2.35

When *I* was a kid we didn’t have all this chocolate filled nonsense, oh no. We had pretty Christmas scenes and our biggest excitement was seeing what picture was behind door 24. None of this extra door on Christmas Day lark either, like the day itself doesn’t hold enough excitement! Plus, look how cheap it is!

No Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Romantic One…

Truffles to Share Advent Calendar – £25

Awww. 2 yummy Hotel Chocolate truffles each day, so you and your loved one can have one each. How lovely. Or you can scoff them both yourself.

Hotel Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Reusable one…

Santa’s Advent Belt Cushion – £13.99

Bring it out every year with your Christmas decorations and never buy another advent calendar!

Advent Calendar Cushion

The Dairy Free one…

Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar – £4.75

A problem with dairy needn’t exclude you from chocolate advent calendar fun!

Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendar

The No Chocolate One…

Image on food Gingerbread Advent Calender – £12

If you’re not a fan of chocolate then 24 numbered Gingerbread biscuits could be the way to count down.

Ginger bread advent calendar

P.S. While you’re here, The lucky, lucky recipient of the gorgeous selection of Parisian tat I bought back was comment number 3, AmyHwasAmyO! I’ve sent you an email, send me your address and I’ll pop it in the post!