Last week I showed you some vintage style sale bargains on the High Street.

Today I’m turning to the world of vintage reproduction brands.The stock in vintage repro shops tends to be more stable as they tend not to subject themself to the whims of the world of fashion trends, but that doesn’t meant there aren’t some bargains to be had at sale time. Changes in sizes, discontinued colours and poor selling lines still go on sale, and sometimes it’s just a chance to clear some space for exciting new season stock for Spring.

I have no idea why I’m putting myself through this torture, as I have absolutely no money to spend myself, but I hope you find it useful. I’ve visited a few of my favourite vintage reproduction stores and located my favourite bargains. Whether you’ve got £50, £100, or unlimited funds hopefully there’s something here to catch your eye. Of course, if you’re down to your last £2.19 like I am today then there’s not much I can do for you and you’ll just have to join me in the “staying at home drinking all the random Christmas booze” club.

I’m struggling through to Payday, but don’t intend to let that stop me shopping

Heyday Wrap Top – Geometric Deco Print – £30 £20

This ones been on my lust list for a while. I love the green and it’s such a flattering and versatile shape. I think it’s a great day to night top.


Esme dress by Swagger Joint from Pin Up Parade – £70 £30

This is in the sale due to a labelling error. Frankly I don’t care what the label says for such a huge reduction! A little black dress is always a good wardrobe buy and judicious use of accessories will mean you can really get your moneys worth!

I budgeted well at Christmas and am therefore feeling smug in the sales

Lady K Loves Shirley Dress – £65 £50

On sale in limited sizes in Navy. I have this dress and it’s great for Summer day and night.

Tara Starlet Vamp Prom Dress – £55

I’m not sure what the original price of this. But Tara Starlet normally comes in at the £70-£100 mark for a dress. It’s in the sale in both red and grey.


Daddy travelled back in time with a stolen sports almanac, but I still shop in the sales so I can pretend I’m a normal person

Stop Staring Tan Boardwalk Dress from Stop Traffic – £165 £120

Being on sale doesn’t make this a cheap dress, sadly, just cheaper than it was! I do love my Stop Staring dress though and wouldn’t hesitate to invest in another if I were ever to be in a situation where that wouldn’t involve me not eating or paying my rent! This looks like a great dress for the rapidly approaching Spring (but not rapidly enough for my liking).

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Glitter 3 Strap Elevated Shoes from Dolly Dagger – £110 £77

Green AND glittery! Be still my beating heart. Utterly impractical and very expensive shoes, made slightly less expensive by being in the sale. Who doesn’t need shoes that smell of bubblegum?