Happy Burns Night!

I hadn’t planned to do this today, then I felt guilty because I’d done Chinese New Year on Monday and I do like a nice haggis supper on Burns Night, so I thought in the interests of fairness I’d take a look at Tartan today!

Burns Night is poet Robert Burns birthday on the 25th January and started being held around the early 1800s after Burns death. It includes speeches, toasts, poetry readings, and, importantly, Haggis. If you haven’t tried haggis you really should. It sounds disgusting but I think it’s delicious with a spicy oaty flavour.

But onto Tartan! I was a big fan of tartan mini skirts and trousers when I fancied myself a punk in the 90s, but since then I’ve reserved it mostly for pyjamas and the occasional shirt I’m afraid. I’ve fancied a full tartan skirt for a few years, but not been able to find one I could afford and my seamstress skills just aren’t up to, well, anything!

I’ve dug out some vintage photos of women in Tartan, though they were surprisingly harder to find than I expected.

And a few places to pick up some tartan of your very own. (Top tip, wool tartan skirts are a common Charity Shop find)

1940s Tartan print dress – £78.98 on Etsy

1950s Tartan Cloak – £28.30 on Etsy

Tartan Wool Ladies Skirt – £55 on eBay

For the more sizing flexible world of vintage repro we’re back to Vivien of Holloway who has the most amazing tartan pencil skirts.

Tartan Wiggle Skirt – £45 Vivien of Holloway