If all has gone according to plan this post will be publishing itself.

I am taking a day off to go on a mini boat trip on the Norfolk Broads after a very long and busy weekend! I’ve got a new Simone Myers book packed – and am excited to do some reading and relaxing, sunbathing on the boat!

On Saturday the Historical Sauces took our pop up reading room and a little lipstick boudoir to A Most Curious Vintage Wedding Fair in Norwich. You can read more about it and see some lovely pictures over on our blog so I won’t go into great detail here!

In honour of the Valentine theme of the day I wore this red dress from ASOS, which I treated myself to at the end of January. I felt a bit sick at spending so much on a dress, but it was worth every penny as the dress got a lot of compliments throughout the day!

The early morning light streaming into Blackfriars Hall gives some interesting shadows, but I hope you get the idea!

❤ Fascinator - Sugar & Hatter ❤ Dress- ASOS ❤ Shoes - c/o Stylist Pick ❤

I was also in a couple of catwalk shows throughout the day, which I’ve not seen any photos of yet, so I’m hoping they’ll turn up soon! The  beehive hair do was for the catwalk shows, but I was heading out that evening to the Bo Nanafana Social Club where The Selecter were playing. In honour of the two tone theme of the night I’d been hoping to hang onto the beehive, but sadly it wasn’t really up to snuff, so I brushed it out and re did it myself that evening. I was quite pleased with the result, I really should do beehives more often, they’re so easy and perfect for when I’m too lazy to set my hair.

That’s all from me today!

Have a fabulous Valentines Day tomorrow. We all need a little bit of love in our lives, whether that’s our girl friends, family, or that special someone then Valentines Day is the day to remind everyone you love them.