This weekend there was definitely blue sky.

I heard birds singing and saw flowers attempting to grow and I really felt like Spring was on its way. I even went out in a jacket rather than a big old winter coat.

This has made me rather keen to write about something I first saw back in January, but is now actually available to buy, the Miss L Fire Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Miss L Fire have made rather a name for themselves for producing a range of stunning, vintage inspired shoes each season with both smart and casual styles. They’re not cheap, even in the sale, but they’re such adorable statement shoes that I’d rather have one pair of these than 3 pairs from Primark (Not that Primark shoes aren’t useful occasionally!). I tend to use them a lot on here when I’m creating outfit collages as they just always seem to have the perfect pair so I’m fairly certain these are going to turn up on here a lot over the summer!

The new collection is slowly appearing on the website. My favourites that you can already buy:

Gabriella – £89.99

I love these in red. I have a bit of a thing for red shoes (though every pair I have ever had has died from over use) a definite excuse to buy more!

Home Sweet Home – £89.99

I wasn’t sure on these at first, but in the white I think they have a really cute “crafty” feel that will look cute with cotton summer dresses.

Siesta – £89.99

These look like the most practical of the 3 pairs for Summer. They’re black, but the coloured zig zag stitching means they’ll work with lighter summer clothes as well.

And here’s a sneak peek at a couple of pairs that I absolutely LOVE that should be available on the website from next week, hopefully!


I also have a thing for green shoes, but these also come in red, oh the decision making trauma!


Gorgeous, slightly nautical style slingbacks. I think this would go amazingly with my Lady K Loves Sailor Dress.