Weekly Stats

Weight: 11 st 4 lb

Lost 3 lb

total loss: 14lb

Waist: 29.5″

Miles Run: 10.37

A 3 lb loss is great, and I wish I could say that it was deserved, but I suspect it’s merely the results of eating less than I did while I was moving and on holiday when I gained 5lb in 3 weeks! Still, it’s a step back in the right direction, so I shall take it and say “Yay!”

This weeks miles run aren’t huge. Last Friday I was an idiot and went for a mid afternoon run, in the baking heat, with a hangover and without having had a proper lunch. Mile one was great, then my legs started to go, my breathing went ragged. I walked for a bit, then tried to run and again and almost immediately my breathing went again. About the time I reached my second mile my legs turned to jelly. I mean serious jelly. I felt like those Marathon runners you see dragging themselves across the line and you wonder “Why on earth do you do this to yourself?”. After 2 miles. Oops! It didn’t exactly fill me with confidence for Sundays 5k fun run.

On Monday I foolishly signed up for a 10k, so took myself off on a 5.5 mile run to practice getting a bit of distance in, and that was it for this weeks running. I plan to try and do 3 or 4 sessions a week coming up to the 10k, plus a bit of cross training to try and fend off some of the niggles I am plagued with! One long run, a speed session, and a couple of easy runs.

This afternoon I am having a go at the Audio Fuel pyramid session. Soon I shall be super speedy. *cough* maybe not *cough*