Hi! Happy Sunday!

I’ve already been to work, eaten a bacon sandwich and dyed my hair, even though I couldn’t really be bothered, because I knew I’d feel better once my roots were dealt with. Now I get to collapse on the sofa and probably fall asleep very shortly. It’s been a busy week!

This week was week 3 of my chemo cycle, this is the week where I don’t take steroids and very slowly deflate throughout the week before finally feeling almost normal just in time to start taking them again. It’s also known as “the week where Gem drinks booze without feeling awful”.

But anyway, more on that in a bit. First, this week I….

Ate a Yorkshire Pudding wrap

I mentioned last week that we were going to get one of these from the Food Vault, a new place that opened up near us. So I feel it would be remiss of me not to now show you a picture of said wrap.

So here it is.

Was very hot

It was hot this week. Don’t know if you noticed? I complained about it a lot. I pretty much hate any temperatures over about 21 degrees. I worry about the Pugs, it makes walking them complicated and for some reason they won’t go for a wee in the garden so they need to go out for a short walk at least, plus it’s just HORRIBLE.

Last year we bought a small air con unit which is in our bedroom, so when it was really awful we just camped out in there all evening.

Whenever it’s hot Facebook is always full of posts reminding you to put cool mats out for your dogs. So I do, I even bought another one in case the first one got warm. So obviously this is where the Pugs sat all day when it was 28 degrees.

Went swimming

Hurrah! Yep I finally got around to signing up for the absurdly expensive gym with a pool so I could get some exercise without killing my back.

I only did 15 minutes of very slow old lady swimming, but it really did feel amazing to be moving again. I will be building up slowly and cautiously because I’m obviously really worried about that awful pain coming back again, but so far so good!

I also spent a few minutes sat in one of the spa pools, which was very relaxing. I’m actually looking forward to going again.

Sat in a selection of gardens

I know, such an adventure! On Wednesday we drove all the way out to Cawston (it’s like 10 miles) to visit a friend and stroke her dogs. We drank apple juice and had a lovely catch up and then drove home again for a nap because all the excitement had worn me out.

Then on Thursday I had a visit from another friend who bought me some gorgeous flowers and we sat in MY garden and had a lovely catch up.

Then on Friday some very old friends who I’ve know for about 30 years came up to visit me and we sat first in a pub beer garden and then in my garden again.

I stayed up past midnight, which is basically unheard of these days so I must have been having fun.

Got to wear a sexy gown

Because it was x Ray time again!

This week I had another catch up with the orthopaedics department to make sure my spine hadn’t collapsed. Apparently it hadn’t.

I couldn’t see much difference in the x rays myself, but apparently there *might* be a tiny bit of bone growth, but it looks stable still, so I’m ok to be a bit more active within the limits of the pain. Hurrah!

And that was another week in my life, or week 3 or cycle 2 as it is now called.

How was your week?