Next year seems to be filling up fast!

I never used to carry a diary, but then I never really used to have a whole lot to do, and people very rarely asked me to make meeting or appointments. Then I became self employed, and all of a sudden my months fill up faster than something that fills up very fast indeed.

So I bought a diary. It wasn’t a very exciting diary. It came from the pound shop, but it came with me every where and now we are nearing the end of 2012 it looks like this.

2012 has been a little stressful for me. I seem to have worked twice as hard as the previous year and have arrived at the end of the year with a whole new set of skills (I’m a stylist, I’m a make up artist, I’m a freelance writer, I’m a social media guru!), but not much increase in peace of mind, happiness or financial gain.

So I’ve bought myself a new diary for 2013. This time I decided I was too good for the pound shop and I pushed the boat out and spend over a tenner on a diary. I saw these in a gift shop in Edinburgh in September, but I didn’t buy it then as it was toooo much money. So I went away and thought about it for over a month. Before saying “sod it”, looking them up and ordering one.

The diary is from Paperblanks and it’s just beautiful. Heavy paper, with an embossed cover that is “exactingly printed to recreate the luminosity and look of classic era silk”. This design is called French Ornate Vert and is based on Jacquard loom silk weaving in Lyon in the nineteenth century.

It’s also sparkly.

Me and my diary have made ourselves a promise. We hope to be very happy together next year, but as well as all those work appointments and meetings we’re going to make sure that such a beautiful diary has pages filled with fun days out, short courses on interesting things, picnics, walks in the park, days trawling charity shops and afternoons watching Poirot in my pyjamas with a cocktail.

Hopefully then I’ll have more interesting and beautiful things to show you on here and hopefully I’ll feel more inspired and less tired in those meetings I have to go to and less like the world is constantly shouting at me.

Me and my lovely diary are going to make a super team.