Oh, it’s not nice weather out there this evening. Normally the kind of cold, clinging, fine rain that would make me put my run off till tomorrow when it’s less likely to kill my iPhone.

2 things got me out there today. One is my total bloody mindedness. I have said I am running at least a mile every day for Janathon, and it certainly won’t be something as pathetic as rain that makes me take a day off. The other is the fact that I have only promised myself I will run a mile. Normally I would run a minimum of 3 miles when I go out, and run 3 or 4 times a week. This takes me about half an hour. If I only have to run a mile then 10 minutes in the freezing rain and dark doesn’t sound so daunting.


I decided to run around a park I visited frequently over the Summer. On Summer evenings it’s nice to run along the canal path and watch squirrels scamper out of your way.

In January, in the rain, it is dark, unlit, but quite nice and deserted. No dodging dog walkers and canoodling couples. I wasn’t running alone, thankfully, I’m not sure I’d go there alone at night.

Gemma Stats

I did just over a mile in a (for me) speedy 9’01” mile pace, and as you can see from the green line I got faster towards the end. It’s amazing how much motivation rain can give you to get back in the warm.

I actually really enjoyed the run today, which was nice after the last couple of days struggles. Though I am a little worried about the twinges in my right shin. It’s the same shin I had trouble with last year. I must chase my my biomechanics appointment!


I returned from my short burst of energy soggy but happy.

I am away from home, so tonight I am indulging in a spot of hotel room cooking instead of stuffing my face with Chinese takeaway. I have actually found risotto pots in the supermarket, like a pot noodle, but risotto, which sounds far more appetising. I am having it with a side salad and some cold chicken.

Healthier than a burger with peanut butter at least……