I thought I might do another decent distance today, but instead we decided to take a long walk in the morning, and a short speedy run this afternoon.

We walked into town, had a coffee and took a long meander home, walking about 5 miles in all. It was snowing lightly, or rather very light hail, not quite snow, I’m not sure what you’d call it. I expect the Eskimos have a word for it, I’ve heard they have many.

By the time we got home the snow/hail/whatever had stopped and the sky had cleared into a bright blue. So I headed out for a speedy run.


I’m trying to think of these short runs as speed work, and unless I’m super tired to do them as quick as I can.

I am amused by how closely my pace line and the elevation line mirror each other on todays run. Those hills are HARD.

Gemma Stats

Today was definitely gloves AND hat weather. It’s freezing out there folks. They’re predicting snow next week. Running in the snow could be interesting, but it’ll make the photos of my feet look pretty….

So. Todays total is a 5 mile walk, and a 1.4 mile run at a speedy (for me!) 8’50” pace. My Nike+ reckons my fastest mile is 8’22”, but doesn’t tell me when I allegedly ran it. I think it’s making it up.


This afternoon I am watching rubbish TV and drinking hot chocolate. Dinner will probably be risotto. Unless I get a fit of the lazies, which is entirely possible.