Today was the day of my Nana’s funeral.

As the funeral plans had already been paid for, the family spent a lot of time together sharing memorable moments of Nana at the funeral and remembering her.

Not feeling particularly positive I got my indoor run, plus a 90 second plank, out of the way in the morning before 9am, almost unheard of for me. I am not a morning person.


It’s been a long day now, and a little sad. But the roads where I am seem to be thawing a little, so I’m optimistic that tomorrow I might be able to get outside for a short run maybe.

We shall see.

Gemma Stats

I have just realised that I let the end of Week 3 pass me by yesterday without taking stock, so here goes

Miles Run: 31.2 miles

Average Pace:9’30″/mi

I’ve now overtaken my total mileage for the whole of December, with still a whole 9 days of January left to go. That would give me a total mileage of just over 40 miles for January. I’d hoped for closer to 50, so we shall see if the weather clears and I can get a couple of longer ones in. Thanks to the people who left nice messages on yesterdays post where I was all flat and negative. It was lovely, and I do feel a little better today.

Dinner today was broccoli and stilton soup and beef stew. Followed by everything and anything I could lay my hands on, mostly a cheese and peanut butter sandwich and several chocolate biscuits. I’m a terrible comfort eater which is something I still have difficulty getting over. Something to look at come February maybe.