So close!

Today was another fairly cursory run. It’s incredibly windy out, which is kind of fun when it’s behind you, not so much coming back in the other direction. It’s also that sort of rainy where it’s not quite rain, the air is just full of water.

This rapidly turning into a daily weather update rather than a blog about running, food, losing weight and drinking cocktails.


I did a nice, flat, mile circuit, at a reasonable ish, 9’36” pace.

Gemma Stats

There is absolutely nothing more to say about todays Janathon efforts, other than I feel far more clear headed after a stressful day, even after just a mile. Oh, and running in the rain in glasses sucks.


As I am confined to a hotel room this evening we are having a chinese takeaway. I have opted for the reasonably healthy option of prawn chow mein. And now I am off to eat it. Yum

2 days to go…….