Yesterday I was at Wyndstock, which isn’t a festival, oh no, it’s a midsummer ball, but it feels a bit like a festival.

There is no 3G in the wilds of Norfolk so I couldn’t blog yesterday, but within 24 hour counts, so I’m not sure if I made it or not as I wasn’t looking at my watch.

Anyway, the original plan was to do the organised Yoga on the lawn that was on the schedule for 11am, except when I woke up it was to high winds, rain and grey skies outside my tent, so I gave that up as a bad job and settled for a 1 minute plank in a tent, a country walk and a poor attempt to play Swingball (it’s not my game) as Saturdays exercise.

Today, frankly I just couldn’t be bothered to do yoga on the lawn, but I’ll blame it on the weather anyway, but in reality I’m just lazy. So instead a longish walk around a deer park, another 1 minute plank and some press ups will have to suffice.

Now I’m back in the civilised world of 3G and WiFi I’m blogging this from my phone so I don’t rack up a total fail!

Back to roller derby tomorrow night!

This is me, wellies and a brolly not my normal exercise attire!