I’ve had so much Christmas this weekend I might need a holiday from it already.

Not really! I can never have too much Christmas, it’s impossible. Totally, for the whole of December my head is full of tinsel and fa la la la la’s, but if I COULD have too much Christmas then this weekend would have tipped me over the edge, and I haven’t even put my decorations up yet…..

Friday night wasn’t really supposed to be festive, but with mince pies and twinkly stars it really felt it. I actually spent the whole evening in my pyjamas. Gasp! It goes against all my principles to go out in public in my pyjamas, but it was for a good cause as I was being a “Pyjama Girl” at an event called Twilight Time. It was organised by vintage nightwear specialist Wake Up Little Susie (who is soon to launch an Etsy shop!).

IMG_7836Susie has also donated a fabulous prize for the advent calendar later in the month, so keep your eyes open for that!

The evening was a froth of frills, chiffon and lovely boudoir homewares. And cocktails and nibbles. My duties for the evening involved handing out goodie bags and passing around mince pies, so it wasn’t too arduous and left plenty of time for cocktails!
IMG_7817 IMG_9508 copy IMG_7878 copyOn Sunday it was like Festive plus as not only was it Advent Calendar start day, which left me very excited, but that evening we also had tickets to go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular with some friends. I’d never been before, but I was reassured it was both random and spectacular.

It’s about 25 miles from me, but people were there on coach trips from hundreds of miles away (Like Canada, seriously). There was mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas songs in the car on the way there. and we’d all worn our very best Christmas jumpers in honour of the occasion.


Honestly, by the end of the first half I felt a bit shell shocked. I’ve never seen so much Christmas packed into an hour. There were show girls, dancing Santas, an orchestra, dove releases, falling snow, balloons and hundreds upon hundreds of fairy lights and decorations. I heartily recommend it if you ever need a festive kick up the bum!

christmas1 christmas2 thursford

On the way home, perhaps unsurprisingly, we didn’t feel the need for Christmas songs and instead discussed the always impending Zombie apocalypse, horror movies and nuclear war. Thus the level of festive cheer in the world was bought back into balance.

It is entirely possible I’ve found my perfect Christmas outfit though. Who doesn’t want to spend Christmas dressed as a tree? Plus, good at hiding over indulgence, bonus!

tree outfitDid you have a festive weekend, or are you ignoring it till later in the month?