Tomorrow it will finally be February.

I’m looking forward to January being over, and February brings along an excellent excuse for a celebration, Valentines Day. Lots of people have a funny relationship with Valentines Day, they can’t stand the cliched romance that somehow has to be crow barred into just one day, the heart shaped chocolate boxes, cheap champagne and even cheaper lacy lingerie. Still other people have an issue with the smug coupleness rubbing the faces of singles all over the world into their singledom and metaphorically singing “ner, ner, ner” .


Personally, I’ve always sort of liked Valentines Day.  Even when I was single I was perfectly happy to spend the day swanning around in heart print tights and red lipstick and treating myself to a romantic night in front of the TV with a box of chocolates and my special honey, a bottle of cheap bubbly. What I DON’T like about Valentines day is it’s cliched view of romance, sitting in restaurants entirely full of couples eating from a special “valentines” menu can feel a bit weird (though there are good deals to be found as all the restaurants compete to be the MOST ROMANTIC) I don’t like cheap lacy Valentines Pants, over priced single red roses or the suggestion that somehow Valentines Day is a day for Men to appreciate their Womenfolk, as frankly they should be doing that all year round and vice versa.

Anyway, I ramble on, and all that was basically to justify todays post to those Valentines haters the world over, as I have been looking at novelty tights. At Christmas I will cover myself with baubles and candy canes, at Easter I bring out the eggs and flowers, and on Valentines Day I bring out the hearts and kisses!

So here are 6 of the best tights I found to cover your legs with hearts and kisses come Valentines Day, even if you don’t have anyone to do it for you.

Tiffany Quinn Kiss Kiss Tights £6.99


Pamela Mann Large Heart Opaque Tights £9.99


Pamela Mann Doodle Heart Tights £8.95


Gypsy Heart Backseam Tights £5.99


Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights £7.99


Silky Signature Lips Pattern Tights £6.99 £2.95