Last night was the Designers Show at Norwich Fashion Week.

This ones a biggie, and it was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, which meant last nights goodie bag contained not only delicious marshmallows and some protein noodles, but also some silver Mercedes branded nail polish, so I can paint my nails like a car! Bonus!

The designers show is huge, and features work from established clothing and accessories designers in the city, and also up and coming designers from the City College fashion program who have their own label, called Cocoon.

My favourite thing about the designers show is that I get to see why my amazing milliner friend Betsy Hatter hasn’t been coming out and doing anything fun for the previous 2 months, as I see her handmade hats. I didn’t get any great catwalk shots, but this years collection was inspired by origami and used origami paper instead of fabrics to create all the designs. Here’s a photo blatantly stolen from her Facebook page of some of the designs. Look, origami foxes!


The other important thing about the Designers show, is what to WEAR! Here I have a confession to make. At 6:20pm I was sat on my bed in my pyjamas, at 6:35pm I left the house, so not a huge amount of thought went into what to wear, seeing as that time also included hair and make up, which is why I am wearing exactly the same outfit I was wearing in this outfit post 10 days ago, only with a leather jacket.


I did get to pose in front of some graffiti with the amazing Chip Vicious and pretend I was in some kind of ruffty tuffty girl gang. (Note to self: Ruffty tuffty people don’t say ruffty tuffty)


I shall leave you with a few catwalk shots from the night. I wasn’t in the best position for photography, or this post would have been far more about the wonderful outfits and far less about photos of me in front of graffiti, or maybe it wouldn’t, I guess we’ll never know.

There were some beautiful long dresses, some sculptural shift dresses, some very nice corsetry and some great menswear. Designers showcasing were Betsy Hatter, Cocoon, Marian Eve Williams, Hannah Smith, Sophie Allen, Madara Rozensteina, Wright & Revell and Aart & Lola.

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