By Lady Lipstick

Oh. My. God. It’s. Cold.

I would have known that already if I didn’t work from home under a blanket with the heating on all day like the spoilt little Princess I am.

Wednesday nights is outdoor Circuits with the Norfolk Brawds at Style Health & Fitness, outdoors in “the Yard” which isn’t any warmer for having walls around it trust me.

I did put all my cold weather gear on. Nike tank, hat and gloves with a Boden zip up hoodie over it, the same hoodie that was warm enough to get me round a Half Marathon in the rain, that’d be warm enough, right?

Well, on the run up there I was almost an ok temperature, I’ll give my warm weather gear that. I ran at a comfortable pace, and was pretty pleased to discover my first mile was under 10 minutes, that’s my first under 10 minute mile since June. Lets not celebrate the return of my previous fitness levels just yet, it was largely downhill or flat, but still, it felt pretty good.

I REALLY didn’t want to go out in that freezing courtyard when we arrived. I am really terrible at being cold, it just short circuits something in my brain and I turn into a gibbering, grumpy, wreck, but I made it out anyway as I am brave and tough, obviously. (stop laughing at the back)

I soon warmed up after doing lunges up and down the running track a few times.

Tonights circuits felt tough, I don’t know if it was because I was so cold. 10 stations including tyre flipping (fun) lunges with a weighted bar (hmmm) lifting a milk churn (kind of fun) hitting a punch bag with a baseball bat (TOTALLY fun) and burpees followed by jumping over a tyre (not at all fun …read more

From:: Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra