A few weeks ago I got the nicest email.

All the way back in 2011 a company got in touch and offered to send me a vintage powder compact to review, which I did. Then while I was on holiday an email came through thanking me for my help back then in the beginning, and letting me know that Vanroe compacts had now launched their own range of compact mirrors and would I like one as a thank you.

Aw, I thought, I will get back to her on my return, which I then didn’t, as I had about 10,000 emails and I’m still working my way through some of them and I am AWFUL at emails. Thankfully Jane is persistently nice and didn’t take my disregard of her lovely email personally, and she then followed up on Twitter. She didn’t ask me to write about the compact, it was a thank you gift, but when it turned up it was so pretty I thought it needed a post of its own!

The compact came in a little black velvet pouch inside a beautiful custom box.


Over the years there are things that you refine and change. I still wear a mineral powder foundation, but after at least 2 incidents involving the entire contents of my handbag becoming covered in powder, I no longer carry it with me. I wish I had one of those small, perfectly organised handbags, but I don’t. Things that go into my handbag need to deal with being rummaged through while I hunt for my keys or lipstick, thrown on the floor when I accidentally kick my handbag over and being covered in receipts and after dinner mints stolen from restaurants. Carrying loose powder, or even pressed powder with me proved to be too much of a trauma, so I stopped. I now carry blotting papers with me to deal with shiny face, but a mirror is still necessary for lipstick checks and eyeliner fixing. I had been carrying just an empty vintage compact with me to use as a mirror, but this is far nicer!


There are 2 ranges of compact mirrors on the Vanroe website, the Sheffield Pewter range has a lovely Art Nouveau feel, but the Magpie compact I chose comes from the Birmingham Enamel range, inspired by Art Deco stained glass.

There are 9 different designs, and they are heavy and excellent quality. I think they’d make lovely Bridesmaids gifts, as they have space to be engraved on the back as well.


You may also notice my hair has turned bright purple? This seemed like as good a time as any to spring it on you!

I decided to give the purple a try over the weekend, and had planned a post on Monday, but this week has been stupidly busy so far and I didn’t get chance! I’m sure there’ll be more purple hair photos soon!