Today I am heading out to pamper myself a little as I’ve been feeling a bit blue.

I figure if there’s one advantage to being self employed it’s that you can say “hey, I’m feeling grumpy, I’m going to take Friday afternoon off and go shopping and get a hair cut”. So that is what I am going to do.

Before I go, though, it’s time to give you a little more information about this months featured sponsor. UUnique.

I’ll confess that when the ad purchase alert first came through I considered declining it, because phone cases didn’t really seem like something I would normally have in my sidebar. Then I went and looked at the website and they were actually really nice! So I decided to give it a go!

I currently have a terrible clear plastic cover on my phone, because I am a person that needs a phone case not just to make their phone look pretty, but because of my astonishing ability to have expensive pieces of technology leap out of my hands and into puddles of water/onto concrete floors/fall off my lap when I get out of the car (that clearly happens too often, I told you I can’t have nice things). My phone is green, plasticky and ugly, but it is a necessity in my job.


Sadly I have an iPhone 5c and the covers for that are rubbish, so there’s little for me to actually buy to improve it, but for other models of phone I some of the designs are very elegant and a perfect way to turn that horrid chunk of plastic into an accessory fit for the stylish individuals I know you all are. As soon as I upgrade to a better phone, phone case glamour is mine!

The brands they sell for are Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and Sony Xperia, there is also a category called “universal” which is mostly those folder type slider covers that fit most phones.

The best selection of covers seem to be available for the iPhone 6, 5/5s, iPad air and Galaxy S4, so if you have one of those I recommend taking a look. I would like a wardrobe of phone covers so I could co-ordinate my phone cover to my outfit. On days when I feel compelled to be classic and elegant and am wearing classic courts, leather gloves and a chic beret I would pick one of these.

On those other days, the ones where I have shoes with moustaches on them, or that smell of bubblegum, or blouses with ice creams and hair bands shaped like sparkly bones I would pick one of these!

And then on the completely made up days where I had won the lottery I would use one of these. They are swarovski crystal and therefore cost nearly as much as the phone! You really don’t want to leave one of these unattended on a pub table, but how amazing is that art nouveau style peacock?

A big thank you to Uunique for being my featured sponsor for February! And if you’re in the market for a something good looking for your phone then pop over and take a look.

P.S. If you fancy being my featured sponsor for March then take a peek at my ad options!