After a fit of introspection on Friday, I got over it by going out for cocktails.

So I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know we’re back to frivolous frock photos today! I’d planned to head down to Revolucion de Cuba for their Happy Hour Cocktails for about 6pm, which meant leaving pretty early. So I thought I’d stop work early (because when you’re self employed sometimes your boss lets you off early on Fridays) have a bath, get ready in a relaxed way, get Mr Chick to take a few outfit photos, then slowly wander off to the bar.

Of course what actually happened is I needed to go out at 5:15, so at 4:35 I finally got in the bath because people kept sending me emails I needed to reply to and then got ready in a panicky blur of hair dryers and sticky zips before standing in the dining room at 5:17 shouting “Quick, Quick, take some photos I need to go out!” and “why do you need to lace your shoes up? Don’t you have any slip ons?”

All in the name of a Monday morning outfit post. And it’s not even a new dress. I wore it on the blog before back in 2013. I even wore it with the same earrings. Those photos were in the dark in February, and these are in the daylight in March, plus I’m pretty sure no one remembers what I wore 2 years ago except me, right?

Blue Dress

♥Dress – Warehouse Sale ♥ Shoes – Nine West ♥ Earrings – Vintage (My Nanas’)♥

This dress is basically completely see through. Only the lace protects your modesty at the top and a short lining on the skirt, but somehow (to me at least!) it looks elegant rather than “woah! See through dress!” Probably the Daily Mail wouldn’t even bother to mention it if I turned up at an awards ceremony in my see through dress.

It also has gorgeous buttons down the back, but I’m not sorry that you don’t have to undo them to get into it!

button back dress


And then I got a quick close up of my earrings, because they were my Nanas. They have a matching necklace too, but it didn’t go with the dress neckline.


It was at this point that my photographer/husband lost interest in taking photos of my earrings completely as I was photo bombed by a cat doing cute things on the wall behind me.

There’s me doing my best posing and all a cat has to do is take a little stroll and a bit of a stretch and I’m completely outclassed.


cute cat

You’ll be pleased to know I made it in time for Happy Hour, though my head the next day may have wished that I didn’t as a extensive cocktail crawl followed, taking in some exciting new additions to the Norwich Cocktail scene, like Mr Postle’s Apothecary (very cool, go there!) and some old favourites like 42 King Street (still very cool, go there too!)

How was your weekend?