And today’s post subtitle should be “The Hidden Trials of Fashion Blogging”

It’s not all just snapping a quick photo while you’re popping to the shops in that amazing snazzy outfit. No, photo locations are sometimes too hot, too cold, too light or too dark, and I’m always looking out for the one that’s just right.

The evidence, popping to the pub for a quick drink I took my camera and said “Can we pop into the park opposite and take a few quick photos? It won’t take long!”, Mr Chick raised his eyebrows in what I hope was an affectionate manner and agreed to act as my photographer for the evening.

But there were too many people in the park, that photo location was too busy and I felt silly, but there was a very picturesque Church opposite.

Oh, no, this photo location is too shadowy.

Too Shadowy

Lets move over there, onto the path where there is nothing to cause any shadows.

Oh no, with the sun behind me this photo location is far too dark!

Too Dark

Lets pick up all the crap I dumped on the floor to take the photo and move all the way over there to that patch of grass in the sunshine instead.

Yes, that patch of grass we walked straight past when we came in because I thought it would be too bright.

Ah, this photo location is JUST RIGHT.

Just Right


This is the Collectif Dolores Doll dress in Atomic Flamingo that I love the shape of so much I just bought myself another one in blue gingham in the Collectif sale last week (which just arrived at the door while I was typing this, hows that for timing?). It has the best full swishy skirt for twirling and the neckline can be worn on or off the shoulder.

As I like to take a theme and run with it I also added some bamboo bangles from Lady Lucks Boutique and a yellow hair flower with pineapples on it from Bad Kitty. Because why do Tiki half-heartedly for a casual evening drink at the local pub when you can make people look at you like you’re a nutter?

Collectif Dolores Doll

atomic flamingo

irregular choice shoes

♠ Dolores Doll Dress c/o Collectif ♠ Belt – H&M ♠ Shoes – Irregular Choice*♠
♠Hair Flower – Bad Kitty ♠ Bamboo Bangles – Lady Lucks Boutique
♠ Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren*♠