I’ve recently rediscovered my love of Pencil Skirts.

I used to be a big fan, but A line and full skirts can be more forgiving of bigger hips, and difficulty getting the right fit led me to largely abandon them for a while.

Then I tried a few, and discovered a few tips for those who can’t afford to get their clothes tailored to fit perfectly and have an “out of the norm” body shape.

First up, I discovered it pays to check where you shop. While the average UK woman has only about an 8″ waist to hip difference, if yours, like mine, is 10″ plus, don’t give up hope. Some shops cut with a 9″ difference, while others cut with a 10-11″ difference. Allowing for stretch fabrics and differences in cut, your perfect place to shop for pencil skirts might still be out there. Yumi, for instance, has a size chart showing a 10″ difference, while Jane Norman has 11.5″, so don’t assume that nowhere will fit.

Secondly, wide belts are your life saver. Buy your skirt to fit your hips and if you don’t quite like the fit on your waist a wrap belt or a wide elastic or buckle belt could be the answer to your woes.

I do love a full skirt, but on blustery Autumn days I can’t deny that pencil skirts do have a natural advantage in the “not flying up showing the world your knickers” area. Plus they look super sexy and chic.

So, these are some of the pencil skirts that are on my winter wish list.

Day Wear

A pencil skirt is like the ultimate in smart office wear, but the right one looks super chic for weekend lunches or, whatever else you might want to do during the day really.


ASOS Camel Pencil Skirt

Take a step away from black and wear a Camel pencil skirt with brown brogues and a chocolate brown v neck jumper. Add a neck scarf and be all chic and grown up like I always wish I could be.

Lindy Bop Houndstooth Pencil Skirt

A classic check like houndstooth works just as well for work as it does for play. This has an amazing beatnik vibe worn with black ballet flats and a beret. Drink coffee, read poetry and look like you’re far too cool.

Warehouse Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Leather or faux leather might not be an obvious day time choice, but I love it. I have, in the past, owned an assortment of PU and leather pencil skirts, I have no idea where any of them have gone now but I used to love wearing them with boots and a polo neck in the winter. It’s like dominatrix day wear.

Evening Wear

Pencil skirts get fancy at night with sequins, lace and velvet.


Baroque Velvet Sequin Pencil Skirt

The sequin embellishment on this is sort of understated while still being incredibly glamorous. There’s a bit of a 20s feel to the design, while the shape is all 50s wiggle. I might wear this belted with a silk kimono top and fingerwaved hair.

Betty Jackson Black Copper Sequin Pencil Skirt

Christmas is, like, 6 weeks away or something. Lets not shy away from the sequins. Especially when they’re on sale like this is. Wear it with a black cross over halter neck top and stupidly high heels.

Warehouse Velvet Pencil Skirt

I used to have a velvet pencil skirt about 20 years ago, and a pair of velvet purple flares actually. I don’t know what happened to them either, but I do know I probably wouldn’t be able to fit my leg in them if I did still have them. I want to wear this with a silk blouse and a really, really dark red lipstick and lounge around with a glass of Champagne looking like evening wear is just too much effort.

The Prints

If you like your pencil skirts to make a little more of a statement, then get one with a novelty print.


Collectif Cherry Print Pencil Skirt

My current favourite pencil skirt comes from Collectif. It has just the right amount of stretch to fit well and a high waist. This cherry print is dark enough not to look weird in winter with a cardigan and loafers, but will work in Spring and Summer too. It’s like an all season print.

Jane Norman Animal Print Pencil Skirt

Me and my bank account are having serious words about this skirt right now. My bank account is currently winning on the basis there is no money in it for frivolities like animal print pencil skirts, even if they are in the sale and still available in my size. The battle rages on, because how amazing would this look with a bardot top, leather jacket and those spiky shoe boots I still have to get reheeled.

Yumi Tree Print Pencil Skirt

I absolutely love the print on this. It’s like a forest in December, about 4pm just as the sun is going down, misty with a blazing red sunset. I haven’t quite decided how I would wear this yet, but probably very simply so as not to overpower the print. No jewellery, just a fitted black top and black tights.

Which is your favourite?