The no backcomb beehive is one of my “I need a haircut specialities”

I HATE having long hair, and whenever my hair has been long I’ve pretty much always worn it up, and by “long” I mean “anywhere below my ears”. It drives me crazy and looks lank and greasy after about 15 minutes, so speedy up dos are somewhat of a speciality of mine.

At the beginning of December, before I had my hair cut I threatened promised to film a little video tutorial on one of them. It’s a beehive style, but it doesn’t rely on backcombing for its height, just a roll and a bit of hair spray, that means it’s much kinder to your hair, easier to take out at the end of the night, and quicker to do because you don’t have to spend all the time getting volume into your hair.

The basic idea is to create a roll at the top of your head to get the height, then put the back into a french pleat and cover up the join with a hair flower or fancy clip.

So, before we get started, you will need:

A hair brush
Hair Clips
Dry Shampoo (optional)
Hair Flower (optional)

So here it is. I do no videos for 2 years, then all of a sudden I do 2 in a month. I’m all out of ideas for videos now, so unless you have any suggestions I wouldn’t expect to see any more soon! Feel free to subscribe to my You Tube Channel and catch up with all my past tutorials and videos.

Please do try and ignore my roots! I didn’t want to dye my hair again until after my hair cut!