OMG it’s a “things to buy in the sales” post.

What a huge surprise, I bet you haven’t seen one of these ANYWHERE else. This one is absolutely the DEFINITIVE guide to the sales though. Honestly. Not just a list of lots of places I’ve been wishing I had money to spend.

Basically I have to write one of these most years because I NEVER have any money left after Christmas, like NEVER. I have even less this year after I spectacularly stupidly walked off and left £50 in a cash point (apparently I’ll have it back in 19 calendar days). Top tip if you’re skint, follow me around and hope I leave a trail of money behind me like some kind of currency dropping snail. Actually don’t do this, as it’s apparently called “theft by finding”.

But anyway, I digress, the point of this is I live vicariously through you guys, so I post all the lovely things I would totally buy if I hadn’t left all my money in cash points in the hope that one of you is less stupid/richer/more thrifty than me and can still afford to shop.

Today I have a few good suggestions of places to shop, and my favourite things they currently have in the sales.


Sob. You can currently get 50% off everything on the site with the code WINTER15. This means that the £200 worth of stuff I currently have optimistically sat in my bag would only cost me £100. If I had £100. I don’t. Try not to buy it all before my big lottery win (which I won’t have because I stopped playing the lottery, convincing myself I would put the money in savings instead. HA!)


You’ll need to be quick on this one as the sale is only on till the 11th January. But Heyday is great for novelty prints and vintage wardrobe staples.


Did you think I was going to get all the way through a post about shopping without wasting large chunks of my life adding things to my ASOS wishlist that are going to go out of stock before I can afford them? Of course you didn’t. I did alright with those midi skirts and that bauble bag last year, so I’m hoping to catch some end of sale bargains again!

Voodoo Vixen

The sale here is up to 40% off, but actual discounts vary. Still, if you’ve had your eye on something, a few quid off is nice!

Lindy Bop

Ok, so Lindy Bop has some stupid cheap stuff in right now. Like under £10 for a dress. Prices and sizes in the sale vary, but worth a trawl if you only have a limited amount to spend!

The House of Foxy

OMG I love House of Foxy. So much so that actually I already own 3 of the things I’ve included below (the blouse I have in white!), but I thought you ought to know they’re in the sale, because they’re amazing. That orange rayon dress is on my want list though, along with a lot of other stuff over there right now!

Dolly & Dotty

Dolly & Dotty have burst onto the vintage repro scene this year and become a top spot to shop for repro frocks! The green tartan and black & white dresses are already in my wardrobe, the other one is on my wishlist.

Myleene Klass @Very

I am forced the the conclusion that Myleene Klass, or possibly whoever is responsible for creating the Myleene Klass range at Very, which may or may not be Myleene Klass herself, shares a very similar style aesthetic to me. The range tends to be half pretty vintage inspired frocks and half edgy leather jackets and quirky structured pieces in striking prints. Loads of it is now on sale.

That’s all the virtual sale shopping energy I can muster for today!

Happy shopping!

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