I have a serious fondness for super bold stripes.

There’s something about how simple, yet dramatic they are that makes me feel like a comic book super hero. Especially when teamed with bright colours and bold lipstick. I’m not talking breton stripes, though they have their place they’re more classic and chic. I mean stripes like that monochrome dress that I’ve been in love with since 2013, that bodycon skirt I bought in Primark and my Christmas Skirt. Stripes that are bold, often monochrome, and attract attention.

I have a so-so relationship with florals, which can be a bit girly, polka dots are sometimes just a bit too “cupcakes and bunting”, but I’ve yet to meet a stripe I didn’t like.

So, I thought it was time for a Friday Frock Love on some bold super hero style striped dresses. Some I might actually buy, and also some that are just (for me at least) to look upon from afar.

Budget Busters

If you want to dip your toe into dressing like a comic book for under £50, this is where to start. It is entirely possible I already bought 3 of these striped dresses, I wouldn’t like to say. Ok, I would, I bought 3 of these dresses.

L-R Top

Cream & Black Stripes from Lindy Bop

Combining super hero and vintage style in one. This isn’t the dress I decided to buy, I decided it was too similar to my black and white one, but I love it anyway and it’s on my “repeatedly put in and out of basket” list.

Black Stripe Bardot Midi Dress

Yeah, so I bought this one, it is on sale after all. This are a little like breton stripes, but as a dress rather than a top they seem bolder. I am currently planning an outfit with it. I really fancy pairing it with something bright to really make it stand out a little more.

L-R Bottom

ASOS Structured Stripe Rib with Cut Out

This is winging its way to me now. I’ve had my eye on this since last Summer. Now it’s in the sale, the only thing that held me back was that they didn’t have a size 10, but I decided to give a 12 a try. Fingers Crossed!

Club L Bardot Two Tone Midi Dress

Also winging its way to me! I couldn’t resist that it’s a skirt but it’s a dress thing. Plus when I was about 5 someone told me I looked nice in green and I took it to heart. I’m a little worried about the length, so I’ll keep you updated!

Pay Day Splurge

If you’ve a bit more of a budget to buy something nice, then there’s some awesome striped dresses for under £100. There is some serious testing of my shopping resolve going on,

L-R Top

Karen Millen Metallic Stripe Dress

In the sale, with a REALLY heavy discount, metallic stripes, and a sort of 60s vibe. I always forget to look at Karen Millen till its too late. Which is probably for the best for my poor groaning wardrobe.

Ombre Stripe Shift Dress

This is the dress a comic book character wears when she gets a job at a sensible City law firm. All chic, simple and sophisticated, but with stripes that look like the Doppler effect.


L-R Bottom

Oasis Longer Length Striped Dress

Oooh, Oasis, who could have thought you could make beige into a dress fit for a super hero, but you have! I have also just noticed they have a skirt in the same material, this could be dangerous.

Miss Selfridge Petite Cocktail Dress

Do go and take a closer look at this one, that structured neckline is proper super hero stuff. I want to wear it with white tights and big hair.

Blow the Budget

For me, this is the “In my dreams”category. Although technically it’s just over £100, and if it was, say £120, I don’t think that’s outrageously expensive, in reality, lets be honest, I’m trawling Net-A-Porter looking at striped dresses for people who don’t know how much money they even have.

L-R Top

Balenciaga Striped Silk Jersey Dress

Remember that comic book hero that went to work in the City? When she’s head of the firm she’s going to wear Balenciaga stripes.

Dolce & Gabbana Striped Fishtail Dress

You know if this didn’t cost nearly £1500 it would be super wearable! Yellow is so bright and summery. I’d wear it with black and white, like the opposite of teaming black and white with colour.

L-R Bottom

House of Holland Colour Block Mini Dress

Oh my, House of Holland, this is proper bold, bright, comic book super hero stuff. I love it. I would want my purple hair back, to wear with this, and maybe some of those crazy coloured Nyx lipsticks I keep looking at but would never normally wear

J.Mendel Striped Asymetric Gown

When I go to the Oscars, I’m going to wear this. It’s the kind of thing I could imagine Ru Paul wearing (yes, I’ve been watching a lot of Drag Race again)

Seeing as I have bought 3 of these dresses, I would safely assume there may be a little glut of striped outfit posts coming up soon. I hope to look as much like a super hero as possible…..