Hello Sunday!

I’m not feeling on top of the world today. I’m not sick. Yet. I just feel like rubbish. All my team mates ARE sick so my white blood cells are probably in the middle of an epic battle right now which will either result in me feeling fine by next week, or spending 4 days under a duvet drinking lemsip and watching old episodes of Buffy & Poirot.

Today I’m off to the gym for my Sunday morning session with my Roller Derby team, then we’re going to hit the spa for a while. This week is Norwich Fashion Week, so tonight I’m heading out to see the Vintage Show. Not sure if it’s the best way to aid my White Blood Cells in their fight to the death, but I might as well enjoy myself before I feel too ill to move.

Anyway, for those of you nosey about what a week in my life looks like. This week I….

Drank Wine on a Weekday


I don’t often drink on weekdays these days but on Tuesday this week I’d had a particularly long and tiring day, and we decided to go out for dinner and a bit of a meeting about this years Norwich Cocktail Week. So I had wine. Is that a situation worthy of a whole segment of its own? Maybe not, but it does explain why I was maybe a little groggy headed on Wednesday when I went to the gym, and why all the weird things that happened were so much weirder.

Had a Weird Wednesday

On Wednesday I dragged my slightly groggy self to the gym. While I was using the rack to do squats an elderly man approached me, maybe in his 70s. He told me I looked like a capable girl, and then handed me his mobile phone, which was a pretty ancient Samsung flip phone, and asked if I could reset the time and date for him. It seems he’d tried to put his phone in a cup holder that had no bottom and it had dropped to the floor and reset itself. He’s lucky he had an ancient flip phone as I’m fairly sure my iPhone would be in a million pieces. I obliged, pretty relieved that I actually managed to find the settings, and then finished my sets feeling like a hero.

When I left the gym the next weird thing happened. I got myself a Starbucks, and as I walked back round the corner there was a man with a white stick (so presumably blind) standing in front of a lamppost in the street. Initially he was shouting at it aggressively “Who would put a lamppost here?!” and hitting it with his stick, then he started to sob, and just as I’d resolved to check he was ok he started shouting and hitting again. I could only conclude that he’d walked into the lamppost, I couldn’t see any blood and he was still standing upright so it seemed to be more frustration and embarrassment than injury, so in the end I decided I didn’t want to approach shouting people hitting things with sticks, especially if they couldn’t see me coming, and scuttled off home, suddenly feeling like much less of a hero.

Got annoyed with the DPD Man

Back in January it was Yodel that gave me a headache by completely failing at the seemingly simple task of reading an address label. This week DPD have been testing my patience. While Mr Chick was sat in our front room, looking at our front door, a DPD van pulled up outside our house. He went to a house 2 doors down, then walked past our house and went to another house 2 doors up. Finally, he returned to our house and put a card through our door to say that our parcel was with our neighbour, which was very nice, but if he’d knocked on our door in the first place we could have had it straight away.

Still, I now have this very lovely high waisted faux leather pencil skirt. So at least I got it in the end.


“Accidentally” bought new Shoes

I know right, that’s a skill, to accidentally buy new shoes. On Friday I went to the gym, and planned to go straight out to an event afterwards. I took 2 pairs of shoes that were long overdue reheeling, planning to drop them off, go to the gym, then go and pick them up, get changed in the gym and wear one of the pairs of shoes. Except when I dropped them off I got told they wouldn’t be ready till Wednesday as they had a backlog. WEDNESDAY!

So, I had a choice, go to the event in flats (ha!) or buy new shoes. So that is how I ended up shopping for high-heeled courts dressed in my sweaty gym kit. I managed to find a pair of Miss KG courts on sale, (these ones!) and went to my event in heels, hurrah!

Kicked off Norwich Fashion Week

That was the event that I desperately needed heels for. Norwich Fashion Week actually kicked off with the Retailers Show on Thursday, but I have Roller Derby practice on Thursday nights, so on Friday my first event was to head along to a private view of the Portrait in Vintage exhibition. The exhibition is sort of a curated collection and installation, with vintage clothes displayed alongside other vintage and contemporary items. It’s on till Wednesday and worth popping in to swoon over some pretty frocks if you’re around!

Plus, it was my first visit to Fairhurst gallery, which is down a little side alley and looked so gorgeous in the early evening light!


And that was my week!

How was your week?