Morning beautiful people! Right now I am writing this in bed while drinking my second coffee of the day, eating oats, and psyching myself up to head off to Cambridge for a scrim this afternoon. Last time I went to Cambridge to skate it was for a boot camp and I was horrifically hungover, so my preparation this time is a lot better!

Hopefully I won’t be home too late and there will be time to make the most of the last few hours of my weekend!

This week has been eventful, but more in the “that time a bottle fell out of the fridge” kind of way, than in a “Wow, remember that time I went to Secret Cinema” kind of a way.

So, moving swiftly on. This week I….

Stayed up late

Like, really late, for me anyway. I really wanted to watch the Olympic tennis final with Andy Murray and Del Potro. I started watching downstairs on my nice big TV. Then it started getting a bit late, so I retired to bed with my laptop. Mr Chick decided he needed to sleep, so I put my headphones in, bit my nails quietly and tried not to shout at the screen as the epic 4 hour battle reached its conclusion.

You probably know by now that Andy Murray won. If you don’t, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

I then got immensely irritated by one of the commentators. As Andy Murray wiped away a tear after an epic battle that finished with him keeping his Olympic Gold title, apparently it’s ok to comment that “the tennis was macho, but the response isn’t”, really BBC? Really?

It was 1:30am by then, so I went to sleep, and then spent all day Monday tired and grumpy because I’d stayed up past my bedtime.

Went out for breakfast


Is this noteworthy? Well, yes it is actually. I don’t often go out for breakfast in the middle of the week. It felt quite decadent.

Also it was the first time I’d tried Pandora’s Kitchen, which is apparently the best cafe in Norwich. We sat on the pavement tables and had Eggs London Street (think Eggs Benedict, but with bacon and black pudding). It was very tasty and I felt a bit like I was on holiday.

Sadly I wasn’t, and I had to go home afterwards and do some work.

Got hit in the face with a glass shelf

Except I didn’t quite go straight home and do some work. Instead, on our way back, we passed a large display trolley with tiered glass shelves outside a department store with a sign that said “Free. Please take”

I am not entirely sure yet why we need a display unit, but our house is full of junk for a reason and we decided we had to have it. Mr Chick popped off home to pick up the car, while I stood guard and nearly got run over by a reversing lorry.

It was hugely heavy, but we managed to manoeuvre it into the car, and out again once we got it home.

Disaster struck as we carried it into our house, what should have been the final, quite simple part of the task.

Mr Chick was in the lead, and as he took a step up our front step I realised a fraction of a second too late that the tilting of the trolley meant one of the heavy glass tempered shelves was now heading straight for the bridge of my nose.

Trust me, that REALLY hurts.



Fixed the dishwasher

I did warn you that this weeks events weren’t actually that exciting, right?

Our dishwasher stopped filling with water properly. I did some searching and found all sorts of things telling me I needed to remove side panels and disconnect things to establish the problem. It was starting to seem easier to buy a new dishwasher. Especially as the space between the units on either side of our tiny kitchen is basically exactly the same width as the dishwasher.

Then I remembered we’d had a similar problem before and wondered if the same trick would fix it. I managed to wiggle the dishwasher out of its allotted space and unplug it. Then I had to tilt it backwards and forwards. This sounds simpler than it is because the kitchen space meant that I had to tilt it towards me, then climb over the top of it to get to the other side and tilt it back the other way.

Sure enough, a floor covered in water revealed it was the same problem, something to do with a pump I think, and the dishwasher started filling with water again.

It’s still not washing properly as the bottom spray arm has split, but that’s much cheaper to replace than a whole dishwasher, and therefore I felt like a dishwasher repair super hero.

Also all the water that spilt over the floor when I tilted it means that my kitchen floor is pretty much the cleanest it’s ever been.

I told you this was an exciting week.

Bought a Bed Jacket


On Friday and Saturday my favourite vintage nightwear specialist Wake Up Little Susie held a pop up boutique.

I’d seen a beautiful taupe chiffon and fur trimmed peignoir set on her Facebook page and went down determined to find it. But it was £120, which is probably a fair price, but beyond my budget for impractical fur-trimmed nightwear.

Thankfully it was well stocked with more affordable vintage pieces. Lots of gorgeous chiffon baby dolls and nightwear with beautiful prints. In the end I snaffled a 1940s satin bed jacket, which I will be sure to show you soon as I don’t have a photo!

Decent vintage nightwear that is actually wearable can be difficult to find, but Susie really knows her stuff!

Take a peek at her Etsy shop

Watched Some Roller Derby

I know, normally I have to actually PLAY, but yesterday I got to watch 2 whole games at a home event with my league. Our B team the Black Shucks and the mens team the East Anglo Smacksons were on the bill for the double-header.

It’s not that I got away without a job at all, I spent some time pestering people as they arrived and asking them where they found out about the game, and I set up and helped man a second-hand skate and jumble stall to raise some money for the league.

I did get to actually watch both games though, which was nice! The Black Shucks won, with a big lead against Hulls Angels B team, while the East Anglo Smacksons fought hard, but in the end lost to Brawls of Steel.

I also had an ice cream. It was Rhubarb and Ginger, it was very, very nice.


How was your week?