Back at the end of January I mentioned I’d taken on a couple of challenges that I was going to talk about more later.

The first of these was part of the Alpro “Change a little, enjoy a lot”. They challenged me to make some small changes to my breakfast, using their range of plant-based milk and yoghurt pots.

I’ve used Alpro coconut and almond milk before, but was excited to try out some of their other selections. Included in my little set of goodies was also oat milk and soya milk, as well as yoghurt pots in plain, coconut and almond.

Alpro goodies are all naturally low in fat. The Almond milk is just 13kcal per 100ml. I also discovered that the oat milk is a good source of fibre, which makes it a great addition to your diet.

I didn’t completely swear off dairy, but I did make sure I changed out most of my regular choices, switching out cows milk in my morning coffee, as well as adding it to breakfast meals. Mostly I discovered that with the milk alternatives, different types are great for different uses. I didn’t like soya milk in coffee at all, but almond milk was delicious, while soya milk was delicious to drink on its own, but almond milk was a little too weak and watery. I even managed to turn Mr Chick onto soya milk, and he’s been insisting that it’s disgusting for years after being forced to drink it in coffee at Glastonbury.

Other things I discovered during my challenge:

Making overnight oats with oat milk is also delicious, but made me feel weird. Like mixing oats with oats was the height of matchy, matchyness.

Soya milk is an absolutely delicious drink on its own, and also makes a great base for protein shakes.

Soya yoghurt is, to me at least, almost entirely indistinguishable from regular yoghurt. I will definitely buy this again.

Soya yoghurt also makes a great addition to smoothies and is a delicious topping to porridge (made with oat milk)

Not drinking milk before exercise seemed to make me less phlegmy. Excuse the disgustingness, but part of the problems I have with my asthma is a constant runny nose the minute I started exercising. I’m sure I noticed some improvement, but more research may be needed!

You can find out more about the Alpro range and their “Change a little, enjoy a lot” campaign on the Alpro website.

Alpro provided me with products to try as part of the campaign. All opinions are my own.