How are you all today? I’m writing this wrapped in a hotel bathrobe sitting in bed opposite a HUGE floor to ceiling window with a view over docklands, which is pretty damn cool. However, that is a stay that I plan to bore you about in great detail next week as I am here as a guest of Novotel, which was pretty awesome timing, as last night was my birthday (and Mr Chicks birthday, we share a birthday, awww).

But first we have to deal with the rest of this week. After last weekends excitement it quietened down significantly for the first part of the week. In fact you might call it a bit of a comedown after all the excitement. But there are still tales to tell.

This week I….

Couldn’t lift my arms

Seriously, by Monday morning I was struggling to dress myself and I wasn’t really sure why. Then I realised that for most of Saturdays game I had been acting as a brace, so I was skating backwards, supporting 2 other skaters holding back a jammer, and those jammers were STRONG.

Roller Derby isn’t all about the legs after all.

Couldn’t walk downstairs

Despite being super tired and my sore arms I decided to go back to the Gym on tuesday and get back into the routine. I THOUGHT I took it a bit easy, but on Wednesday and Thursday my legs hurt so much I couldn’t walk downstairs without assistance.

So basically this week everything hurt and I learnt a very important lesson about rest being important too.

Had another cream tea

This is becoming a thing now isn’t it?

We went out for a meeting about Norwich Cocktail Week. My Mum gave us some money for our birthday, and on the way home we decided that spending some of it on a scone with cream and jam was an excellent idea.

We went to Carberrys, another Norwich cafe that I hadn’t visited before. It was lovely and there was a cute dog. We’ll probably go back. Next time I might have cake, the cake looked amazing.

Didn’t go to the gym

I left the house on Friday, despite the aforementioned “everything hurting”. Then I realised everything hurt and I really needed a sit down and a cup of coffee instead of an hour beating myself up with heavy weights and jumping around.

So I turned around and went home.

Got attacked by a crazed cat

In possibly the most terrifying part of my week, on Friday I was sat upstairs in my office, peacefully minding my own business, when I heard and odd noise downstairs.

I went down to investigate to be confronted with a hell beast destroying my dining room. On closer inspection I realised that it was, in fact, not a hell beast, but a cat. I don’t have a cat. I am very, very, allergic to cats. This cat was climbing the walls and running along the ceiling and showing no regard about whether any of the surfaces it was running over were covered with vintage glass and china. When it saw me it decided to move from the dining room to destroying my kitchen surfaces, and then into the living room where it went nuts trying to escape at the living room window while a woman outside in the street looked at me through the glass like I was some evil bitch that locked cats in her house against their will.

Fortunately I managed to catch the TV as it flew across the room, as that could have been expensive, but many smaller ornaments were not so lucky. We also now have scratches on our living room wall up as far as the ceiling. It looks like something from a horror movie.

I managed to open the doors and windows without having my eyes clawed out, and eventually the crazed hell beast cat located an open door and shot out into the street. The woman spectating then decided her work saving cats was done and I was left to survey the devastation (once I’d stopped shaking). I also now need to disinfect my house to get rid of the cat hair so I don’t die.

I apologise for not taking photos of the insane cat. Instead the only evidence I have is my window sill once it left.

Went to a surprise party

I’ve never been to a surprise party before. There was actual hiding and shouting to surprise her, I feel like I have achieved a new life goal.

May is a very popular month for birthdays, and 2 of my team mates also had birthdays this week. On Friday night my team mate Siren had a birthday and her girlfriend organised a surprise party for her.

I had one sensible beer and some lovely hummus. I am so rock n roll.


And finally, Saturday was MY birthday, and it being a practise day I headed off to spend it get sweaty for 3 hours like I do every Saturday.

But my team mates had a lovely surprise for me. I not only got a cake and candles, but also pressies, including some very handy collapsible wine glasses, some very tasty biscuits (that I have already eaten) and the best card evah.

I also managed not to burst into tears, I am very proud of myself as I am a soppy old cow really and it was so lovely.

Anyway, that was another exciting week in my life. A week in which I got attacked by a cat and turned 38!

How was your week?