There’s no point having Cocktails without all the stuff that goes with it.

I am mildly obsessed with cocktail paraphernalia and barware. I pick vintage stuff up for 50p and boot fairs and spend, well, much more than that on beautiful things I spot in the shops.

There’s no point making a beautiful cocktail and serving it in a mug. Mr Chick might disagree, and its something of a “discussion point” in our house that I have to have everything out of the “right” glass. Fizzy wine comes in coupes or flutes, cocktails in cocktail glasses, it’s that simple. I will not drink my fizz from a red wine glass, or my Manhattan from a half pint glass.

Honestly it’s probably a little part of my philosophy of never saving things for best and making every day an occasion. I like things to feel special.

Today I’ve been browsing the LionsHome website for some absolutely gorgeous glassware and bar accessories, because enough is never enough. (Unless it’s Babycham glasses, 23 is enough, unless I spot one that’s different and I haven’t already got one of.)


I managed to track down all this beautiful glassware and the bar accessories in the Alcohol Accessories section, because Alcohol definitely needs accessories.

1. Absinthe Glass set and accessories

This is absolutely amazing. Absinthe is not only super tasty, but also comes with a whole ritual around it that I really enjoy. This set contains absinthe glasses and absinthe spoons as well as sugar cubes. Rest the spoons on the glass containing absinthe, add a cube of sugar and then slowly drip ice cold water into the glass. If you want to be a little fancier you can use iced Champagne to create a cocktail invented by Hemingway called Death in the Afternoon.

2. Copper Cocktail glasses

Just because they’re cool. Great for Martinis. Chill the metal glasses first and they’ll keep your drink super cold.

3. Cocktail Glass

This glass is just gorgeous, great for classic, 1930s cocktails. It’s lovely for those that hate the regular sloped sided cocktail glasses, which I will confess aren’t always easy to hold, especially if you gesture a lot when you talk like I do.

4. Classic Diamond cut Cocktail glasses

A classic cocktail glass, but the cut glass is just beautiful. Drop a cherry in the bottom of your Manhattan and drink it out of these.


1. Globe Drinks Dispenser

This is described as a wine dispenser in the listing, but I think we can blatantly see that’s not wine. I think you could serve anything out of it. Including, perhaps, using it to drip ice cold water into your absinthe?

2. Rose Quartz place mats

Because when you have a gorgeous glass you want something gorgeous to prevent the condensation from reaching your table, right? These have gold edging and are just terribly, terribly instagramable.

3. Red Cocktail Shaker

You have to have a cocktail shaker, and why go for one of the boring standard ones when you could get this glamorous sparkly red thing? It’s pretty darn gorgeous.

4. Giant ice cube makers

I first got served a cocktail with a huge round ice ball in it about 2 years ago and became instantly obsessed with them. I now have some ice ball makers that my friend got me for my birthday, plus one that makes a giant Death Star that Mr Chick got me for Christmas. BUT, I don’t have giant SQUARE ice cubes, and now I really want them.

5. Copper straws

Recently there’s been a lot of press about straws being bad for the environment. I use paper straws at home these days, but they do tend to disintegrate a bit as you drink through them, paper not being great when wet! These are a great solution, plus, so cool. They come with a little cleaning brush so you can keep them hygienic.


This post was produced in collaboration with LionsHome. All opinions are my own.