For the first time in what feels like AGES I have a Sunday with nothing to do. We nearly did another Boot Fair, but then we thought, “Hell No!” Let’s have a lie in and a lazy day.

As it happens it’s probably not going to be that much of a lazy day. I plan to catch up with some cleaning instead so that I can actually find things in my house, but once it’s done I shall lounge and enjoy the results of my hard work.

Anyway, this weeks cleaning will no doubt be next weeks exciting installation of “This Week I…”, so in the meantime, lets look at the fascinating week just gone.

This week I….

Visited some old friends

And I had such a nice time that I didn’t take ANY PHOTOS AT ALL. And if I didn’t take any photos, who’s to say it actually happened?

I went to Oxford to play a closed door game with the Norfolk Brawds. Closed door means the scores aren’t made public, but I can tell you we performed as expected, and we learned many things. Afterwards, sweaty and stinky, we drove 60 miles down to spend the night with some friends who live in Hampshire. They cooked us a delicious roast dinner and we had a lovely evening, as we always do.

I think it’s possibly been about 4 years since we last saw them, but it was like we’d never been away. It’s nice to have friends like that.

Ran out of data

On last weeks camping excursion I got so excited about having 4G in the middle of the woods that I used to stream You Tube videos of Green Day in the middle of the night.

Now I have no data till the 16th which makes it very difficult for me to constantly update Instagram Stories with all the dull things that happen in my life.


Had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year

It’s officially autumn when I start drinking Pumpkin Spice lattes, and Christmas starts with the first Egg Nog Latte. That’s just how it works in the consumer culture we live in I’m afraid.

There are no seasons, just limited edition coffees.

Watched Bake Off

And ate cheap fairy cakes, because starting to watch Bake Off without cake in the house is a very, very foolish thing to do.

It’s ok. I like Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig, they’re both nice people, and I’m not hugely feeling the lack of Mary Berry, lovely as she was. So far the move to Channel 4 is not the huge drama I feared it would be. Especially if you record it and can fast forward through the absurd amount of adverts. Even if you don’t, they make a nice pause in which to go and fetch more cake to eat.

Sprained my ankle

Argh! What timing a week from Play Offs!

I took an awkward fall at scrim on Thursday night and at first I could have sworn I heard it snap and I was TERRFIED it was broken.

It isn’t, it’s sprained, and it’s not as bad as I first feared. I can walk, and hop and everything. I rested it for a few days, and I shall strap it up to skate, but my tears and terror on Thursday night were unwarranted. Obviously, because it’s not like my mind ever leaps to the most terrible conclusion about things, is it?

Had a Cocktail

Just last week I was saying I had a cocktail and I don’t get to drink them often these days. And this week I have ANOTHER COCKTAIL.

It’s almost like Norwich Cocktail Week is coming up. We spend a lot of time in these last few weeks chasing up offers from the last few bars and popping in to talk to people. This thing takes a lot of time to organise, but is so worth it!

Buy a wristband if you’re in Norwich, it’s great fun.


Had a small victory

I received a product in the mail to try for a blog post coming in the next few weeks.

It had a child proof cap.

I swear it took me a full 5 minutes to get the thing open. I’m pretty sure an actual child would probably have been through the lid in 5 seconds.

Is this how you know you’re getting old? Child proof caps flummox you and you get all the way upstairs and can’t remember what you went for (maybe a nap?)

And that was another week in my thrilling life.

How was your week?