Phew! Good morning!

Once again I am super hi-tech and writing this on my phone while stood in the worlds hugest, slowest coffee queue, having been awake since 5:30am for an absurdly early Roller Derby game, that we won, yay!

next week I’m sure I’ll update you on this in detail.

In the mean time, this week I….

Treated myself a blogger cliche brunch

Yeah bbz. On Sunday I treated myself to avocado on toast with bacon for brunch. The most bloggery food to eat for the most bloggery meal.

Except that it was supposed to be brunch, but by the time I’d walked to the shop and then made it it was actually gone 12, so technically it was a lunch.

Still very tasty though.

Did not go to the Gym

At all. Whilst last weeks ankle injury might not be as bad as I first feared, I certainly didn’t want to risk messing it up ahead of this weekends game. So I spent a lazy week on the sofa doing gentle stretching and maybe a bit of light walking.

I didn’t enjoy it.

Worked in a Wetherspoons

All this “not going to the gym” can get a bit cabin fevery when you work from home.

So I took myself off to Wetherspoons, which as far as I’m concerned is like the cheapest co-working space in the world. I bought one cup of tea for £1.10 and no one bothered me while I used the free wi-fi for 3 hours.

I actually really enjoyed it. I got lots done and I got to listen to the old couple out for lunch talking at length about those stupid easy degrees in new subjects like Media Studies that people do these days, and I managed to never once tell them that my degree was in Media Studies, and also that it was 20 years ago, so I’m not sure it qualifies as a new subject.

I was very proud of myself.

Oh yes, also the chips were apparently cold because of Health and Safety.

Left the house after 8pm

Basically I hate leaving the house after about 5pm. If I’m already out, I’ll stay out, but I don’t find 9pm a sensible time to start an evening out.

Norwich Cocktail Week, then, is perhaps a rather foolish event for me to decide to organise. A fact I pondered as I left the house for an 8:30pm meeting this week, wondering if it was actually ok to go in my pyjamas (no).

The meeting was successful, and as a treat for leaving the house in the dark like a grown up we stopped for a drink on the way home.

That’s where I found out about Chess Boxing.

Yes. Chess, and Boxing.

Got Caught in a Hail Storm

A HAIL STORM! What is this crap?

I was walking home after a lovely lunch time in the sun, when all of a sudden there was rumble, then large drops of rain started to fall, followed promptly by chunks of ice.

I ran the 100 yards or so to the nearest shop, and was already drenched by the time I got there.

The nearest shop happened to be a Tesco Metro that had just reduced loads of stuff hugely, so I filled my basket with fish pies and chocolate eclairs, felt smug when it only cost £5.50, and then stepped out into blazing sunshine for the walk home.

So, quite a good thing really.

Got the fluffy slippers out

Summer is over. Deal with it.

Spent an entire afternoon in a car

We had a potentential 4 hour drive to Stoke for the Roller Derby British Champs playoffs. We decided to drive a slightly different way to take a detour to Ikea as Mr LLL needed some supplies for some products from the shop.

We left at 11am, we arrived at Ikea 5 1/2 hours later after spending the whole day stuck in traffic.

Ikea didn’t have the stuff we needed.

They did, however, have meatballs.

Great story huh?

Got promoted

Finally, after a season of hard work, the Norfolk Brawds went to playoffs yesterday to fight for promotion for Tier 2.

we won out game against North Devon Roller Girls 303-66 meaning that we will be playing in Tier 2 next season.

As I type this, we are awaiting our second game of the day, to fight it out for first or second place in Tier 3.


How was your week?