Morning! I’m feeling kinda perky today, which is weird, I’m sure it’ll wear off later, it invariably does.

Right now I am at my parents house after watching my dad win an award for a short film he was in last night. Once I’m back home I plan to do what I plan to do most Sundays, which is dedicate myself to some serious sofa and Netflix time, and maybe some chocolate. Ok, definitely some chocolate.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one as it’s the week leading up to Cocktail Week and the organising hits fever pitch with lots of bars to visit to drop off packs and final organisations and promotions to do.

But that’s still to come, this week I…..

Borrowed some Pugs

This week we had house guests in the form of Peppa and Waldo, 2 adorable pugs. They belong to some friends of ours, but may be coming to stay with us permanently.

I’m mostly posting Pugs on my Instagram stories right now, so if you want to see Pugs snoring, Pugs playing with toys, and shopping trips to Pets at Home to look at Pug Halloween costumes then feel free to follow me.


Made some wine

Well, technically, I just picked grapes, but soon it will be wine.

About 7 years ago we went on holiday to Germany, we stayed in a wine making region and bought back a small twig that claimed to be a grape vine. We planted it in our garden, expecting it to immediately die. Now it is a crazy huge grape vine that covers the entire back wall of our garden and produces ACTUAL grapes, from which we can make ACTUAL wine. Mr LLL does most of the wine making, but he likes to delegate boring jobs, like picking hundreds of grapes off their stems, to me. So that’s how I spent this week, while re-watching Stranger Things in advance of the new series (SO EXCITED!)

Got Cocktail Week booklets


Cocktail Week can be super stressful to organise on top of our regular work. There’s only the 2 of us doing all the social media, newsletters, website and print design and liaising with all the bars involved to get all the details. It’s a labour of love, and when the brochures finally arrive and we can start sending out wristbands it’s pretty exciting to start seeing everything come together!

Hey, if you’re Norwich based and a fan of Cocktails then you can still buy wristbands!

Had a bath

I have a bath after Roller Derby practice every week. This is not really news, but look at this adorable Bath Bomb Mr LLL bought me to put in it this week!

Got covered in hair

Because I am the Pugs favourite chair.

Went to a Film Premiere

This weekend we attended a screening of a short film my Dad appeared in called The Lethal Game.

I will gloss over the fact that it started 3 hours late because the director didn’t bother to show up with the film (I hate lateness, it’s incredibly rude). But when we finally got to see it I was super proud of my Dad, and he won an award!

How was your week?