Well, I currently just have 3 nights of Cocktail Week left before I can return to a life of healthy living, early nights and actually having time to go to the gym.

Normally I can make it to the gym during Cocktail Week, but this year a combination of events, including Pugs, the arrival of a big load of leaflets that needed delivering, and the meltdown of my laptop requiring many hours of my life to fix (I say fix, I have lost every file and program that was on it.) have meant that it was basically impossible unless I knocked 2 hours off the 6 hours sleep I get a night (and I’m definitely an 8 hours kind of a gal).

So, at the moment I feel stiff, sleepy, bloated and generally a bit rubbish.

The upshot of this story is that when I tried to get dressed to go out for Cocktails at 2pm yesterday afternoon I hated every item of clothing I put on.

I was trying to find something that made me feel nice, but was also suitable for a Wednesday afternoon, and it seems that outfit does not exist.

So, after flinging all my clothes around the bedroom and having a huff. I decided to stuff appropriate for a Wednesday afternoon and just wear something that made me feel nice. Which, to cut a long story slightly less long, is how I ended up having coffee cocktails on a Wednesday afternoon wearing a glittery brooch, off the shoulder top and satin skirt.

I did concede to wear black tights. It was day time after all.

It was nice to be out in daylight. For a start my Instagram pictures of cocktails come out way nicer, but also it was nice to be able to head home about 6pm, take the dogs out and have the evening on the sofa rather than getting home late again.

I’m not really that much of a party animal, so Cocktail Week can get pretty tiring. Being obliged to go out for Cocktails every night is very much a first world problem, though, so I won’t feel too sorry for myself!

I do think that in daylight the cocktail skirt really got to be the centre of attention. This came from Joanie Clothing last Christmas and the style and shape is really perfect. It’s high-waisted, the skirt has good shape AND it has pockets. They no longer have this print, but this floral one looks the same shape.

The ruffle body came from Simply Be earlier this year, and is still available, and the shoes are my favourite Donna shoes from Hotter that I got at their blogger event last year and are just amazingly comfortable.

I have realised I have inadvertantly worn an outfit that is completely made up of clothing that was sent to me. But budget constraints mean that’s most of my wardrobe these days, and if they get reworn, it means I love them! I’d have happily parted with my own money for every item in this outfit.

I don’t know why I ever even bother thinking about “appropriate” clothing. I’m perpetually over-dressed, even when I think I have picked something appropriate, and frankly, as long as my clothing covers all the right bits surely it IS appropriate?

So I shall continue wearing glitter and satin on a Wednesday afternoon and I shan’t feel sorry about it.

I felt nice, after a long hard and tiring week, and that was more important that whether anyone felt I was dressed appropriately for a Wednesday.

So ner.

Having said that, it was a little windy out, so maybe ruffles and full skirts WEREN’T the way to go?

♣ Ruffle Body – Simply Be* ♣ Cocktail Brooch – Bad Kitty* ♣
♣ Cocktail Skirt – Joanie Clothing* ♣ Shoes – Hotter* ♣
♣ Faux Leather Jacket – French Connection* (similar)♣