Todays Janathon was a struggle not just because I may possibly have consumed 1 too many glasses of wine last night, but also because I had to have one of those days where I just squeeeeeezed exercise into my day.

Our plans involved taking the Pugs for a nice long walk to the park, stopping for breakfast, and then getting home just in time for our friends to come over for an afternoon Dungeons and Dragons session.

A nice long walk to the park with Pugs totals around 3 miles, which would count as exercise you would think. But no, because a nice long walk with Pugs just wouldn’t get my heart rate up enough to get those 500 points.

So I formulated a plan. Instead of wearing jeans and boots to the park, I would wear my running kit, and while we were there I would run around the park to get my points.

So that’s what I did.

The walk there was uneventful, and only earned me 100 points. So I ditched my heavy coat and handbag with Mr LLL and proceeded to run around the edge of the park.

The Pugs followed me to start with, then they realised that I was running around the edge, and, being far less stupid than I am, figured out that if they just stayed where they were I would eventually catch them back up.

I hate running round in circles, it is boring and pointless. It does, however, get your heart rate up enough to earn some points. I got to about 350, then decided to take a poached egg and avocado on toast break in the park cafe before the walk back home earned me the rest of the 500.

One of the things I did learn today is that it is not hard to outrun a Pug, they start off fast, but their tiny little Puggy legs don’t have the stamina.

Good to know should one ever decided to savage you and you need to outrun it.

I would say the chances of being savaged by a Pug are on the low side, so it may not be information you will ever need, though they may try and drown you by licking you to death, so, still, bear it in mind.

The Pugs were more exhausted by the jaunt than I was, and have spent the entire afternoon zonked out on the sofa. So at least all that effort was good for something.