Good Afternoon!

I hope you are all having lovely Sundays. I really value a good lazy Sunday afternoon so we’ve just lit a fire and are settling down to watch someĀ terrible movies on Now TV.

Before I do all that, though, I best get on and tell you that this week I…..

Had Smashed Avo on Toast

There, after saying I couldn’t bring myself to call it that last Sunday, here I am calling it that. It makes me very uncomfortable, I won’t be doing it again.

We took the Pugs for a walk to the park and decided to stop and try breakfast in the cafe. I’m not sure exactly how long it’s been there, but last time we went to that particular park it was a derelict building.

The Park Britannia is part of Britannia Social Enterprise that runs a few cafes in Norwich, staffed by low-risk prisoners to help them learn new skills and gain experience to help them find future work.

So not only did I have smashed avo (nope, can’t do it.) I helped people make a better life for themselves. What more could you want from a cafe?

Left the Puggles Overnight

We’d been invited to visit Malvern Spa for a blog review (coming next week folks!), but Puggles apparently can’t come for a sauna and steam, so we checked them into the Pink House Pug Hotel overnight.

At which point I became like one of those new parents going out for dinner for the first time. Maria from the Pug Hotel kindly sent us photos in the morning, but when I hadn’t seen any more by about 6pm I started typing and deleting messages to check everything was ok for about an hour, before finally giving and sending the message.

They were fine, exhausted from a full day running around in the garden and stealing other dogs chew toys. So I then managed to relax and enjoy my evening and stop behaving like an overwrought new parent.


We bought them doggy cupcakes on the way home so I think they now wish we would go away for the night more often.

Went Out for Coffee and Cake

Or more accurately Baklava.

There’s probably been rather too much cake in my life recently, but it’s January and its grey and miserable, and sometimes you just have to eat sticky cakes and drink coffee in a nice cosy cafe.

Why IS January such a long month?

Went on a Pug Crawl

Pug Crawl, geddit? Waldo particularly just loves the pub, he tries to drag us in every time we walk past. I don’t know why, I think he likes watching the people, and the fact that one of our local pubs has a jar of dog treats behind the bar.

So on Saturday, as a special treat, we decided to take them on a tour of a few of the dog-friendly pubs in our area. One of them has a little puppy in the pub, so they had a fun time playing with him before they realised he had far more energy than they do and went to sleep on a bench instead.

Mr LLL even made us special badges for each pub which was cute. I’d show you a photo but I didn’t take one and the badges are in another room. Maybe later.


Mr LLL is very proud of the badges and insisted that I go and take a photo.
So here is my collection of Pug Crawl badges. They say 2017 because we originally planned the days adventures for a day just after Christmas, but our friend was ill and we had to cancel!

Didn’t earn 500 TomTom Fitness Points

Having done some research into how TomTom calculates Fitness points I thought that it might be possible to keep my heart rate over 127 on an hour-long dog walk if I walked briskly, and therefore give my strained Hamstring a bit of a rest.

Apparently it’s quite hard to get my heart rate over 127 and apart from a couple of big hills I basically failed. I got 132 points, rubbish.

Frankly I’m not prepared to risk making an injury worse just for the sake of Janathon, so today is technically the 3rd day I’ve failed so far. I did walk over 2.5 miles though, so I think by the original Janathon rules rather than my self-imposed torture I’m still in the game. Just 10 days left. Will she manage it folks?