Yeah, my hamstring is still a bit twingy, but I’m sticking with the “ignore it and just don’t aggravate it too much” school of rehab.

Things that aggravate it include forward bends and touching my toes with my legs straight, anything that involved twisting my leg or lots of pushing (which is why I think it started playing up on Saturday) and running up hills. Seeing as there is nowhere I can run around here that doesn’t involve a hill I opted to ditch running today, but keep my Olympic Lifting training session booked in and try and earn some extra points with a brisk walk there and back, seeing as we all know my TomTom watch does not consider weights as exercise.

It’s been about a month since I last went to one of these sessions. They are very technical and there’s a lot of learning coordination and movement patterns as the idea is not just to do the lifts, but to help my PT Paul Fawcett get more confident in teaching them properly. Apparently, I’m a great person to practice on because I’m not a natural!

I was expecting to have completely lost all coordination after a month off, but actually it wasn’t too bad at all, so some of this stuff is actually sticking it seems, though my biggest stumbling block is still my flexibility.

These are not my lifting shoes, they are my walking too and from the gym shoes, because that was actually where I earned most of todays TomTom Fitness points.

I earned 100 on the downhill walk on the way there, about 70 doing the actual lifts, then 330 on the uphill walk on the way home, though I did have to walk an unnecessarily long way round the block to earn the last few before I actually went into my house, which is possibly one of the most stupidly pointless things I’ve ever done. What kind of idiot walks past her house just to earn an extra 60 points on a Fitness tracker. It’s a good job no one knows I did it, right?

Tonight I plan to spend some time with my evil bumpy foam roller, and apparently working on my flexibility should be a priority for me so I stop hurting myself all the time.

Though I’m not sure that’ll earn me many Fitness points, so maybe we’ll make flexibility Februarys goal? Like Flexuary Day 1, did some Yoga and had a nice warm bath. That sounds pretty good right now to be honest.