Ok, so it’s definitely getting harder to earn those points.

Today I wore my watch to Roller Derby practice and apparently it took me nearly a W hole 3 hours to earn those 500 points.

I think today’s session suffered from the same issues as weightlifting. Working on jam starts means short sessions of high intensity exercise, followed by a bit of a break where your heart rate goes back down and my watch does NOT like my heart rate to go down. Oh no.

At one point I was genuinely worried I wouldn’t actually make 500 points, which is pretty galling after spending 3 hours knackering yourself on skates, but fortunately my watch buzzed literally while we were stretching and wrapping up, so I was saved the indignity of walking round and round the block trying to keep my heart rate up.

I also achieved my small personal goal of making it through today’s session without crying or shouting at anybody, and therefore I get to treat myself to wine tonight. Wine that I am actually drinking while I write this, so yay!

Have a fun Saturday folks!