Hello! Thanks for popping by on this freezing cold Sunday. I hope my dull week won’t disappoint you too much.

The fact is that actually most of this week I’ve been stupidly tired as I’ve not been sleeping well, which has lead to me feel anxious and not wanting to see anyone or do anything.

I did see people and do things, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have if I’d slept. I’m an anxious person and I know there are some things I can do that help me feel less anxious. Enough sleep, and enough water are 2 of them. Thankfully over the last couple of days I have caught up a bit and am feeling much better today, gearing up for a day helping Mr LLL to pack parcels for Christmas dispatch.

But first, this week I…..

Took A Break

The most important thing I did this week was take a week off from the Gym. Last week on Friday I went and just felt exhausted, probably a side product of Christmas stress, and 5 weeks building up to some heavy lifts, so this week I planned a whole week with no weights.

On Monday I did some light Olympic lifts, and on Tuesday I went to Pilates. I had planned to do some more Yoga and other excellent recovery things for the rest of the week, but instead I slept badly and felt anxious and rubbish about myself. This weekend though I have slept better and had a nice hot bath, so next week I shall head back to the gym, I’m almost looking forward to it…….

Bought a Fire Hazard

On my way home from the gym on Monday I walked past a little second hand shop near me, and spotted these vintage Icicle lights outside.

“Oh, cool” I thought. Walked 4 more paces them impulsively turned around and bought them.

I’m fairly sure they’re exactly the kind of lights they use in all those public service films about Christmas trees catching fire, but they are now hung over my fireplace giving the room a festive glow. They don’t stay on overnight, so don’t worry!

Painted Coal

Ah, yes, must be Christmas if I’m painting coal. A couple of years ago Mr LLL thought selling coal as gifts for “naughty” people at Christmas was a cute idea. We dust the coal dust off, paint it black so it doesn’t make your hands mucky, paint a white stripe on it and engrave it with the word “naughty”. Then it arrived at your recipients house with a velvet bag and a little card on which you can write what they need to do to get on the nice list next year.

It’s a cute idea, till you’ve painted 100 pieces of coal black.

If you would like a piece of Christmas coal of your very own, painted by my fair hands to make the fact that I got covered in coal dust worthwhile, then we’ve still got some that I painted last week. You can pretty much order right up until Thursday to get it in the post for last Christmas post.

Had Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

I will basically buy anything in Peanut Butter flavour. Peanut Butter Hot chocolate from Expresso in Norwich is a definite winner. 

It’s bloody lovely and feels really rich and indulgent.

It’s so lovely that the fact I drank a cup of it this week deserves a header all of its own.

Went Out Out

I had been looking forward to the Norfolk Brawds Christmas Party for ages, but, sadly, thanks to the aforementioned lack of sleep, when it arrived I felt distinctly lack lustre.

I did have a fab team with my teamies handing out badges and drinking mulled wine, but I was back home in my pyjamas before 11pm. How sad.

This is also the only picture I took, which means that the epic Christmas dress I wore will have to stay in your imagination until I wear it again. Which might be tomorrow, who knows.

I also got the cutest little roller skate Christmas ornament as my secret santa, so I’m looking forward to getting that on 1970s orange tinsel tree come Christmas Eve.

And that, folks, was another week in my festive life.

How was your week?