Morning! How are you today? Feeling festive and getting ready to open your advent calendars?

Today is not the relaxing Sunday I would absolutely like it to be, instead I am working. In a few minutes I shall be off to the gym to see a Personal Training client, before a quick change, and then heading off to help Mr LLL run a stall at a Christmas Fair in the City.

But first, This Week I…….

Was ill

In a “not the best start to the week” kind of a way, I started my Monday by getting ill.

I was absolutely fine when I woke up. I went to the gym to meet a client and started feeling a bit off half way through their session.

I started my own workout and decided I really wasn’t well, so I called it a day and headed home.

By the time I got home all I wanted to do is crawl onto the sofa, cover myself with a blanket and wish my Mum was here to look after me. So that’s what I did.

I spent most of the day sleeping and feeling weak and feeble.

Felt better, but not better enough

On Tuesday I felt much better, so feeling bad about missing Mondays run, I decided to head out at lunchtime.

Honestly, it was not the *best* of ideas and when I got home I felt awful again.

This time, though, a big drink and a shower returned me to humanity so I was able to officially declare myself “recovering” instead of “ill”.

It seems to have been some kind of 24-hour tummy bug and I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve had similar symptoms, so there must be something going round.

Scared the living hell out of myself

Having basically lost Monday got me all in a muddle for the rest of my week.

I got confused about what day it was and what days I had clients which led to me deciding to go for another run at 4pm on Wednesday because it would make Thursday far less complicated.

The final part of my run goes along a path through woodland. I failed to take into account that it would be dark by the time I got there, but as I approached it I reasoned it would be fine. It was, after all, still only about 4:30pm and the path is very well lit with street lamps and CCTV.

What did not occur to me was that the well-lit path means that the trees on either side would be looking particularly dark, shadowy and sinister. Basically I scared the crap out of myself. I think I hit under 8-minute miles running down that path, a pace that is essentially sprinting for me.

Let’s call it speed training.

Had an attractive coffee

There was nothing particularly special about the coffee itself, but the coffee shop window made for a particularly nice photo, and this is basically a chance to share it.

Went shopping

I have decided that after living in this house for 7 years it is about time the dining room was decorated. I can’t afford it, but I have credit cards and I purchased a rug, wallpaper, a wall lamp and other bits with the aim of transforming the room by the end of *this* week into something that could actually be described as a room instead of a cupboard.

Watch this space…..


Because Joanie Clothing have 40% off everything at the moment, so I grabbed the chance to buy a couple of things I had my eye on.

For a while I have wanted the black and stripe roll neck bodysuits. Joanie Clothing is about the only place I have been able to find bodysuits like this without a thong back, WHY would I want a thong back on ANYTHING, let alone a bodysuit?

On impulse I also ordered a couple of dresses. The Daphne Pinafore was a win, but the Kilty is being returned, so 50/50 on the shopping front!

Broke the TV

The other thing I purchased that I couldn’t afford was a lovely Venetian blind.

A few weeks ago the curtain rail fell down in our front room and since then we’ve just had curtains nailed to the wall to give us some privacy. Rather than getting a new curtain rail we decided to splash out on a blind which will fit much better in the space.

As I was manoeuvring into position to put it up I managed to whack the TV screen and take a chunk out of the screen.

So now I have a lovely blind, and a TV with a centimetre long white scratch right in the middle of it.

I did look at new TVs we can’t afford, but on balance we’ve decided it’s quite small and we can live with it for now.

Was on team Nightmare

To end my week I took a break from the extended break from Roller Derby I am currently on and went back for the end of year Intraleague game. This is a fun, no-pressure game, this year played between team Nightmare and Team Christmas.

I was on team Christmas. I even bought Tikiboo Christmas leggings (any excuse) but when I arrived I was asked to switch to team Nightmare as they were short of people.

A borrowed pair of black leggings and a quick bit of face paint transformed me from a glamorous Christmas elf into a terrifying nightmare.

We didn’t win, but it didn’t matter. It was fun and this morning I can hardly walk.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?