Well hi, I hope you’re all hanging in there. It’ll be Christmas soon and we can all spend 3 days eating and drinking ourselves into a stupor before we have to face the real world again.

Today I have a busy day. I’m off to the gym to meet a client. Then heading off to work at a Christmas Fair before meeting my Mum & Dad who are visiting because it’s my Mums birthday. Busy, busy!

It also means I have lots of things planned next week which I’ll be able to tell you about, which is great, because this week I did NOTHING basically.

But let’s not let that stop me telling you about it. This week I…

Got a Secret Santa

When you’re self employed you don’t get to do secret Santa anymore, which is a shame. But occasionally I get invited to take part in Blogger Secret Santa’s which I get quite excited about.

This year Whittard of Chelsea asked me to pick a gift for Rebecca Coco, and in return, my gift arrived this week.

It’s a gorgeous hamper with some super fancy hot chocolate that I’m looking forward to spiking with Baileys!

Did Wallpapering

I have never wallpapered anything before, but in a fit of optimism I had decided that my newly decorated dining room would look lovely with a feature wall over the stone clad chimney breast.

I had planned to just paper over the old textured paper, but even the bodge it DIY side of the internet told me that was a BAD IDEA. What the bodge it side did tell me I could do though was just remove the top layer, leaving the smooth paper backing, rather than going back to plaster like all the proper places tell you to do.

I used a plumbline and everything, and all my patterns match up, and nearly 5 days later it is still on the wall. I am absurdly impressed with myself.

Please ignore the large plastic bucket of home made wine, it will be bottled soon.

Multi Tasked

I needed to vote. I needed to go for a run, so I ran in a big loop and ended at the polling station.

For all the good it did.

I’m going to leave that one there.

Got Soap & Gloryfied

Every year Boots discount a big Soap & Glory gift set, and every year I buy one and it keeps me in toiletries till somewhere around June.

I ordered mine to collect in store, which I did on Friday which was a nice thing. I always think the tins must be really useful for storing something, but as yet I don’t know what…

Met a Raven

Well, sort of, it was in the same room. You had to pay £3 to meet it and I was busy as I was working on a stall at the Night Fair Christmas Market, which was basically Christmas shopping for Goths full of occult and macabre handmade goodies.

The raven was super cute though.

And that was another, basically very uneventful, week in my life.

How was your week?