Good afternoon!

I’m a bit late today because I’ve been busy listening to storm ciara rattling round my house and watching Justice League on Prime.

Still, better late than never.

This week I ….

Broke down on a roundabout

I briefly mentioned this last week, but it seems worthy of telling the whole story.

Ever since I have known Mr LLL he has seen the range counters on cars as some kind of challenge. Like, it *says* 10 miles, but I reckon I can get it to go 20 before I buy any petrol, and, so far, this has not let him down.

This car, however, is different. We actually found that out about a year ago when despite saying 40 miles range the car wouldn’t start in a Tesco car park. Thankfully we were right next to the petrol station so we grabbed a can of petrol and off we went.

Ever since then once the car drops below about 50 miles on the range counter we have repeatedly had conversations like this

Me: should we stop at the petrol station on our way out?

Him: nah, we’ll go next time. It’s not on our way.

On Sunday last week Mr LLL picked me up from work. The plan was to go to Tesco, grab some Super Bowl snacks and fill up with petrol.

The range counter said 27 miles.

We arrived at a large roundabout with 3 lanes of traffic, and, sat in the middle lane, the car stubbornly refused to start again despite its 27 miles range.

For what I think might be the first time ever I had to help push a car across 3 lanes of traffic onto the pavement, and then keep it company while Mr LLL headed off to fill up a petrol can.

We will not be letting the petrol drop below 1/4 of a tank in future.

Stayed up late

We did finally get our snacks though, which is a good job, because last week was Super Bowl Sunday and for the last few years we’ve started a new tradition of watching it with some of our friends.

American Football is the only hour long game that takes 3 hours to play, and factor in the Half Time show as well and it can be a long night!

This year I was rooting for the 49-ers. Though I wasn’t sad to see the Chiefs win their first Super Bowl in 50 years, they looked very happy and that was nice.

The night was fuelled by pizza and root beer floats and we got to sleep about 3:30am, which led to a very tired start to the week.

Had a haircut

I have not yet taken a photo of my haircut because my roots need doing, but here’s a photo of the nice art on the wall of my lovely hairdressers

Had a French Brunch

Because a new French restaurant called L’Hexagone has opened in the city, so croque monsieur seemed the obvious choice after having my hair cut.


Because apparently the Pugs haven’t freaked me out enough by catching the dog vomiting virus, Peppa decided she needed to nearly choke on a tablet.

She’s on medication for her itchiness, which we give her each day cunningly concealed one a small piece of chicken which she gobbles up without even noticing.

On Friday we’d been for a lovely long walk, we got home, I gave them a piece of chicken and they wandered off to get water like they always do.

I bent down to open the washing machine and when I glanced up Peppa was standing in the doorway looking like this….

In fact, she didn’t even look like that, because I took these photos at least 5 minutes later once I was sure she was ok, just in case I needed to show a vet. At the time it was worse.

She was breathing ok, wasn’t coughing, so I didn’t think she was choking. Just shaking her head and producing foamy saliva like she’d just eaten a bar of soap.

I bashed her on the back and hung her upside down just in case and eventually, in amongst the dog slobber gradually soaking into my sofa, I spotted her tablet. I can only assume it got stuck in her throat. 20 minutes later she was fine.

Oh, and last night she was randomly sick again at 3am for no reason. I think she’s trying to kill me with worry.

Had unicorns for lunch

In nicer news, for a long time I’ve been resisting buying unicorn potato shapes from Iceland on the basis that I am 40.

Thankfully Mr LLL knows I secretly want them anyway and when I suggested he grabbed something for us to have for lunch he bought them home.

They don’t look *a lot* like unicorns, but I know they are and that’s all that matters.

Did my last long run

And to finish my week, I shall leave you with a photo of my sweaty, red, make up free face. Saturdays 8 miles were my last long run before next weeks Half Marathon.

My goals have been revised downwards from aiming for a PB to just hoping I make it up the hill in the middle, but next week I will be putting all that training to the test!

How was your week?