Well, it’s the end of another week as we head into July and I’m already dreaming about a nice crisp Autumn.

The older I get, the less I’m a fan of Summer. Obviously it’s quite a nice time for the first 2 decades of your life as it is a time that includes no school. Now it just seems to be a time of hayfever, being too hot or too cold and bugs. Give me spring and autumn any day.

Anyway, my Summer Scrooginess aside, todays plans include a socially distanced picnic by the river, so that’s quite exciting, but before we get to that, this week I….

Took the Pugs to the Spa

Well, it was the dog groomers really, but that’s still quite exciting.

We normally only take them to the groomers once or maybe twice a year for a full spruce up and a nail clip. We planned to take them at Christmas, but couldn’t get an appointment, and we were just gearing up to organise ourselves to book another one when the apocalypse happened.

So this week we took them to the Groom Room at 9:30am and then went to Starbucks to buy ourselves a takeaway coffee while they were primped and preened. Then we picked them up, learned that not all of Waldos claws had been clipped on the basis that he is a massive wuss, and then took them home in their spiffy bandanas.

Ran 100k

Not in a week, over the whole of June, but, I finished it this week and I was very happy about it.

It’s actually not *quite* the most I’ve ever run in a month, that was actually January preparing for the Half Marathon, by about a mile, but it’s still a long way, especially as I’m not actually training for anything.

I celebrated with a jumping picture.

Complained about some Cheese

In one of the more exciting stories of the week Sainsburys somehow managed to deliver me a ball of mozzarella that looked like this when I opened the packet.

It looked like someone had taken the mozzarella ball and repeatedly hit it with a hammer.

So I complained and they sent me a voucher.

Good story, huh?

Made a Makeshift Dog Bowl

Trust me guys, this weeks excitement isn’t over yet. We couldn’t find the bowl we take out with the dogs so they can have water, so in a pinch Mr LLL managed to fashion a temporary bowl out of a poo bag and his hand so they could have a drink.

How enterprising.

Organised the Cupboards

Yep, the excitement just keeps coming. I tidied my kitchen cupboards, it was hugely satisfying.

The most out of date item I located was from 2016. I also discovered we own a cake decorating kit and 3 bottles of soy sauce, presumably because the cupboards were so disorganised we couldn’t find them,

Failed to film a You’ve Been Framed Moment

Honestly, I wish I’d filmed this, I’m still giggling over it in my head.

On Friday I was training a Personal Training client in the park. It was a sunny day and there were lots of kids running around, which was fine. What was less fine was one kid that kept running around touching all our stuff.

It was a bit annoying, but we just ignored him. Part of the equipment I’d taken with me was a 10kg slam ball. It sat quietly in the grass next to us. Aforementioned small child spotted the ball, and took a huge run up and attempted to kick it off into the woodland.

The look on this face when the ball failed to move was a picture.

As far as I’m aware he still has all the bones in his feet and has hopefully learned a valuable lesson about leaving other peoples stuff alone.

Watched Alice in Wonderland

Lastly, to finish off the week, yesterday was the 4th July. Normally I like any excuse for a celebration and would have organised some American beers and a hot dog or something, but I’m not feeling particularly in the mood to celebrate America right now. So we looked up what else happened on this day.

Turned out lots of very depressing things happened, but also Lewis Carroll started writing Alice in Wonderland. So that seemed like a perfect excuse for an afternoon tea with jam tarts and a double bill of the 1951 and 2010 versions of Alice in Wonderland.

I also made some very tasty Earl Grey and Fizzy wine cocktails that I may share the recipe for when I get around to it.

And that was another week in my super exciting life.

How was your week?