Hey, happy rainy Sunday. I can’t say I’m not disappointed with this constant rain. I was hoping we’d get a few beautiful crisp autumn days before it became damp and dreary, but I guess there’s still time.

I spent the morning in the gym and this afternoon I plan to eat sandwiches and watch Enola Holmes.

But first, this week I…….

Drank a lot of beer

Because we have steins and a case of Oktoberfest beer and it stopped raining for a full hour in the afternoon so I thought I’d make use of all the cushions I bought just before the rain started.

Then we walked the Pugs and discovered the pub near us were also selling steins so we sat outside and drank another one.

Then we came home and ate bratwurst with another stein, then fell asleep on the sofa watching 80s adverts on You Tube and woke up at midnight.

An evening well spent I say.

Had a sugar rush

Mr LLL went to Lidl and came home with this American high fructose corn syrup monstrosity.

It’s very sweet, and I can’t stop eating it with a spoon.

Not quite as addictive as marmite peanut butter. But very tasty.

Risked my life for a PSL

This week I had an overdue (but not quite as overdue as the last one) haircut booked, so I thought that I’d pop into Starbucks and treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte while I was in the city.

This was the first time I’d been into the city since May and I’m just going to say that I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that Covid cases are rising as no one is bothering with social distancing any more. There are stickers on the floor, how hard is it to stand on them instead of trying to sit on my shoulder?

Anyway, that’s enough self righteous bitching. I got my PSL and it was very nice but that’s quite enough visits to shops for me for a while.

Sort of ran a 10k

After lots and lots of running earlier this year the August heatwave and a back injury meant I’d only run a mile in 2 months.

However, I’d signed up for the virtual Marriott’s Way 10k which needed to be run between the 28th September and 4th October so this week I headed out to run/walk 6.2 miles.

My back was pretty achey by the end, but not as bad as I thought it might be, so I’m ready for a tentative return to running, though I might not leap straight back into 10ks.

And that was another week in the weird world that is 2020. Not the most exciting of weeks, but I’m a big fan of the quiet life these days!

How was your week?